BRICS : BRICS is a broad platform to discuss issues of concern including development; PM Modi Pipa News


BRICS : BRICS is a broad platform to discuss issues of concern including development; PM Modi

New Delhi; News Agency: Prime Minister Narendra Modi informed that a broad platform will be available to discuss issues of concern including development through BRICS, an organization comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

Modi has left for South Africa for the summit of BRICS member states. The conference will be held in Johannesburg from 22 to 24 August. Earlier, he issued a statement. In this he said that BRICS will play an important role in establishing relations with other countries of the world including South Asian countries. The BRICS platform will be used to promote mutual development and overcome challenges among member countries. The meeting will also discuss the areas in which cooperation can be done in the future. Important steps can be taken in terms of organizational development. He also informed that an agreement on cooperation and partnership in various fields will be agreed upon in this conference. It has been announced on behalf of China that Chinese President Xi Jinping will also participate in this tour. Meanwhile, it has not been confirmed whether Modi and Xi Jinping will have a one-to-one discussion in this conference. The conference will also discuss the inclusion of some more countries in the BRICS organization.

Will discuss one to one

The meeting will deliberate on establishing a multi-faceted mechanism for inclusive development. Modi has released a statement from Ex. He also said that he will hold a one-to-one discussion with the leaders of the BRICS countries.

This is the first visit of an Indian Prime Minister to Greece in 40 years

He will visit Athens, Greece after the BRICS summit. He also mentioned that he has the honor of becoming the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Greece in the last 40 years. Both the countries have thousands of years of cultural heritage. Therefore, he also informed that multi-purpose agreements will be signed in both countries during the visit to Greece.

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