Bridge works are in good progress in Anantapuram– News18 Telugu Pipa News


Bridge works are in good progress in Anantapuram– News18 Telugu

G Venkatesh, News18, Anantapuram

The people of Anantapuram city are waiting for when the road from Tower Clock in Anantapuram city to Bellary Bypass will be completed very soon. If this road becomes available in the city, the people of the city will get a lot of relief. Traffic problems have increased since the construction of the bridge on this road. As the vehicles going here are diverted to the Ramnagar Bridge, there is a lot of trouble due to the huge number of vehicles plying through that road. In addition to this, the motorists faced serious difficulties due to the poor condition of the road between Kalyanadurgam Bypass and Bellary Bypass.

But the work of Tower Clock Bridge is going on very fast. The work of the bridge is almost complete. Now the work has started to install gutters on top of the bridge. For this, they have been negotiating with the railway authorities for some time and have asked for permission to install gadders.

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With this, it seems that the railway authorities have granted permission for the latest two days. But it seems that they will stay here during the installation so that the railway officials will come here and check. The biggest heavy crane was brought from Chennai Port to Anantapur city, which can carry more than 700 tons of weight, but there are chances of completion of the above works after installation on this bridge.

Moreover, the road is also being laid from the lower side of the railway track. This too is likely to be completed in about two months. The contractors here say that the road works will be completed in another four months. But if this road becomes available, it will be very convenient for the city dwellers.

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