Brundavanam: Going to Brindavanam? Must visit these temples..otherwise you will miss a lot! Pipa News

Brundavanam: Going to Brindavanam? Must visit these temples..otherwise you will miss a lot!

Brundavanam: This ancient temple at Brundavanam in the state of Uttar Pradesh has a history of hundreds of thousands of years. Puranas say that his great-grandson Vajranabh used to worship Lord Krishna in this. History says that no matter how many times Aurangzeb tried to destroy this temple, it was not possible. Lakhs of devotees visit Braj along with Mathura every day to have a glimpse of Lord Krishna. In this, the largest number of devotees come to Vrindavan. Actually Vrindavan was the place where Lord Krishna spent his pastimes. Due to this, many devotees come here to visit the Lord.

Vrindavan has many temples that are hundreds of thousands of years old. They are very famous temples in mythology. But the devotees coming from other places may not know the history of these. So they leave without visiting them. That is why here we will explain to you about the uniqueness of these temples. These must be visited when you come to Vrindavan this time.

Govind Dev Ji Temple: This is the first temple you will see after alighting from Brindavan bus stand. It was built by Raja Man Singh in 1590, said Lakshminarayan Tiwari, secretary of the Braj Sanskriti Shodh Sansthan. This temple was 7 stories high. But Aurangzeb attacked it and destroyed four floors. But at the same time, to protect the deity in the temple, the then administrators moved the idols to Jaipur and built a new temple there.

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The temple is more than 5000 years old: This is one of the must see temples in Vrindavan. It has a history of 5 thousand years. Legend has it that Lord Krishna’s grandson Vajranabha worshiped in this temple. But due to Aurangzeb’s invasion, the original structure of the temple was completely destroyed. The idols in the Gopinath temple were installed in Jaipur to protect them from encroachment.

Finally comes the Sri Radha Madan Mohan Temple on the highest hill in Vrindavan. This temple is very close to Banke Bihari temple. On the other hand, Vrindavan and Yamuna coast are very beautiful from this temple. Local legend says that it was built in 1580. It was also built by Vajranabh, grandson of Lord Krishna. So if you come to Vrindavan this time, definitely visit these temples.. know their history.

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