Business Idea: Boon for farmers.. this crop is enough to plant once.. long term profits.. Pipa News

Business Idea: Boon for farmers.. this crop is enough to plant once.. long term profits..

During this period, many youths are taking steps towards agriculture. Leaving the good jobs in the cities, they are going to the farm in the villages. Instead of traditional crops, they are making profits by growing crops that are in demand in the market. He is earning lakhs while staying with his parents at home. One of such amazing crops is Drumstick Farming..! There is good demand from villages to big cities. It is very good for our health. That’s why many people use drumsticks in their daily curries. Sambar is served. Or make curry. Moringa leaves are also used in Ayurveda. Many people make curries with betel nuts and betel leaves. That is why it is getting a good price in the market.

The scientific name is Moringa Oleifera. It is cultivated not only in India but also in many countries of the world. From the Philippines to Sri Lanka, people of many countries are cultivating mung beans and making huge profits. Sugarcane crop can be grown easily. Its special thing is.. it can be cultivated even in barren land. It also does not require much maintenance. This crop earns up to Rs.50 thousand per month. This calculation can earn up to Rs.6 lakh per year.

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Sugarcane is a low cost crop. After sowing once, the field does not need to be plowed again for four years. The sugarcane crop is not damaged even by rain. Even if it rains more.. or less.. there is no problem. It is a tree that grows in any climate. Can be cultivated in all types of soil. Can be harvested twice a year. About 200-400 pods (40-50 kg) are available from each plant throughout the year. When the demand for sweet potato is low… they stay on the tree for long days… it has to be harvested slowly. If the demand is high.. more number of cuttings can be done. But be careful not to overcook the drumstick. It should be taken to the market when it is still tender. Such things are in high demand. Profits will also be high. Since there are weekly markets anyway in the villages, it can be cut and sold at least four times a month.

1,200 plants can be planted in an acre. It will cost around Rs.50,000-60,000. It is enough to plant plants once.. they will grow. It also sprouts in a short time. You should always do marketing.. these crops will bring good profits. If you invest once.. you can earn from the comfort of sitting at home.

(Disclaimer: This article is given only based on reports, information available on the internet. Before starting this business it is advisable to do a deep study, consult a relevant market expert)

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