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Bye ! good riddance…

Trinamool’s sarcasm on Biplav’s resignation website launched for 2024
Trinamool also involved in Tripura’s political riots ‘India Wants Mamta Di’
Sanmarg Correspondent

Kolkata/Tripura : Tripura’s assembly is just a year away, before that the resignation of Chief Minister Biplab Dev has shocked everyone. Before his resignation, Biplab had met Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Here the name of the new CM has also been announced. Meanwhile, a sharp taunt has been made by the Trinamool Congress on this entire episode. The reaction has been given by tweeting from the official Twitter account of Trinamool. It reads, ‘Goodbye… let’s get rid of what has disappointed thousands of people in Tripura. Had done a lot of damage. So much so that even the BJP high command was fed up with his failures. BJP people are very upset with what Trinamool has achieved in the state, change is inevitable.
Trinamool Congress youth president Sayani Ghosh tweeted on Biplab Dev’s resignation, he wrote, ‘Khela hobe. Will be played in Tripura.
Trinamool also in Tripura’s political riots

Trinamool has taken entry in Tripura politics. Recently, the state committee was also expanded by the party here. Now the party’s national general secretary Abhishek Bandyopadhyay himself is keeping an eye there. Along with Tripura, the party is also keeping an eye on Assam. Preparations have been started on the ground level from the party regarding Tripura. Biplav’s resignation and the announcement of a new CM are being considered as a good opportunity for Trinamool to divert the wind of change among the people.
Trinamool’s new website ‘India Wants Mamta Di’

Trinamool is busy in preparing for 2024. On Saturday, a new website has been launched by the party under this link, whose name is ‘India Wants Mamta Di’ i.e. the country needs Mamta Didi. The party leader said that with the help of this website, a campaign will be launched across the country in which Mamta Banerjee will be projected as a woman PM.
Will be the first Bengali PM in 2024

On the occasion of the launch of this website, it has been said that after becoming CM in Bengal, now the people of the country are also wanting Mamta Banerjee. During this, the leaders resolved to make the first Bengali Prime Minister in the country. It is to be known that till now not a single Prime Minister has become from Bengal in the country.

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