Calcutta and Vidyasagar Universities: Muslim students in trouble with exams during Eid

Pub Pen Reporter: Muslim students are in trouble with exams before and on the day after Eid. It is to be noted that online or offline exams were debated in different universities. However, many universities have decided to take online exams, but most universities have decided to take graduate exams offline.

Meanwhile, even though the date of the exam has been fixed, one of the Muslim festivals, Eid-ul-Azha, has been accused of indifference in setting the date of the exam before and after.

Colleges and universities have postponed the exams even before and the day after Eid. Graduation of Calcutta University has been changed for the examination days before and after Eid. But the students have complained that the examinations of multiple departments of postgraduate are on the day before and after Eid. On Wednesday, a postgraduate student of the Alipore campus of Calcutta University complained that the examination for the second semester of postgraduate political science is starting from July 8 and will continue till July 18. But the test has been held on July 11, the second day of Eid. Muslim students demand that holidays be given before and after Eid.

The head of the state science department at the Alipore campus did not respond to a request for comment.

However, Vice Chancellor Sonali Chakraborty Banerjee said that the day of graduation examination is done by the university authorities. No graduation test was held on the day before and after Eid. But the day of the post-graduate examination is exactly what the department heads do.

In the interest of the students, the heads of the departments will be requested to ensure that the examinations are not held on or before the day of Eid or that the days are changed if there are examinations. According to the student, about 200 exams in political science have been held in Vidyasagar University before and after Eid.

The university authorities have been informed about this in writing on behalf of the students.

Regarding this, Shivaji Pratim Basu, Vice Chancellor of Vidyasagar University, said that a written complaint has been lodged so that examinations are not held before and on the day after Eid. The decision will be taken after discussing with the department heads about postponing the examination at that time and taking another day.

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