Camilla laughs after being presented with a stress ball made of beaver fur

Camilla laughs after being presented with a stress ball made of beaver fur

The Duchess of Cornwall laughed when presented with a fluffy gift at Yellowknife, Canada, and was said to be a stress ball made from beaver fur.

Everyone needs a stress ball,” Camilla said.

Jane Dragon, 81, hand-made the ball for the Duchess, explaining: “This shear is from Beaver.”

“We are very lucky to see them,” said Ms. Dragon.

“I met the queen when she came and now she is here.”

Charles and Camilla visited the Data community on Thursday and were greeted by two heads of Yellownives Dayne First Nation – Data’s Chief Edward Sangris and Ndillo Chief Fred Sangris.

The Premier of the Northwest Territories, the Honorable Carolyn Cochrane, then introduced him to representatives of the Northwest Territories Council of Leaders.

Before the tour, Charles had called the elders.

they’re amazingCharles, when presented with traditional moccasins

Charles and Camilla also attended a Feeding the Fire ceremony led by Elder Bernadette Martin.

Smoke rose from a central fire pit as they offered tobacco offerings and played the traditional dholak.

The elders then lead the group in prayer for the spirits.

Charles and Camilla were introduced to Angela Lafferty, director of language, culture and history for YKDFN, who explained how different moose antlers were used to scrape off the skins before tanning.

Charles and Camilla saw some local drums and were presented with a pair of traditional moccasins.

“They are wonderful,” said Charles.

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