Canada’s first marine EV charging station installed in Kingston, Ont. – Kingston Pipa News

Canada’s first marine EV charging station installed in Kingston, Ont. – Kingston

Instead of gasping, Kingston sailors can now plug in.

The first EV marine supercharger in Canada has been installed at the Confederation Basin Marina in the city of Kingston, Ont., giving electric boat owners the option to quickly charge their boats.

A standard charging session with this new station will last no more than 45 minutes, allowing sailors to spend more time on the water.

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“Any sailor who buys an electric boat is welcome to come and use it,” says Tim Marko, president of Voltari Marine Electric.

“We use a standard automotive connector. So, it is not just for Voltaris. If other competitors come along, they are welcome to come and charge our Voltari PowerChargers.”

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Voltari is located in Merrickville, Ont., a small town outside Ottawa.

Being located at the mouth of the Saint Lawrence River and Lake Ontario, Voltari partnered with Kingston.

Kingston was also selected as the first location in Canada due to its commitment to green energy, which was kickstarted by the city’s move to electrify its fleet of public transport buses.

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“We see ourselves as a leader in this area,” says Shelley Hurstwood, director of business development at Kingston Economic Development.

“We knew right away it would be a great fit. Being right on the water and our passion for electric vehicles. So we are very pleased to welcome them.”

Since most of the focus of EV vehicles has been on cars and trucks, boats were a bit slow to move.

Vehicle chargers have been made across the country for years, yet marine chargers are just beginning to be installed.

“We’re really in infancy,” Marko says. “The industry is just getting started. From a performance production standpoint, we are really proud to be North America’s first.”

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Like land vehicles, electric boats can be expensive—Voltari’s models retail for just under $400,000.

For the first year, Voltari says that all charges at Kingston station will be free, with plans to introduce charge fees after the one-year mark.

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