Case registered against AAP leader- Dinamani Pipa News


Case registered against AAP leader- Dinamani

The police registered a case against Gujarat state Aam Aadmi Party leader Isudhan Kadvi who posted on Twitter that the central government has so far spent Rs 830 crore of people’s tax money on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Voice of Mind’ programme.

Prime Minister Modi has been addressing the people of the country through radio every month in the name of ‘Voice of Mind’ (Man Ki Baat). Its 100th episode aired last Sunday (April 30).

In this case, Isudhan Gadvi posted on Twitter last Friday about the expenditure of the ‘Manatin Ghoar’ show, ‘About 8.3 crore rupees have been spent on each Manathin Ghoar show. According to this, the central government has spent Rs.830 crore for 100 Manadin Voice programs. Later, he deleted the post.

Sharing the image of the deleted recording, the Bureau of Press Information (PIP) explained, ‘A total of Rs 8.3 crore has been spent so far on the advertisements of Manadin Voor program. Rumors that this amount was spent on each program are false,” it said.

Subsequently, the Ahmedabad SAIB crime branch police registered a case against Isudhan Gadvi for spreading false information without basic evidence.