Case registered against nine MBBS students under Anti Ragging Act in Indore


The Madhya Pradesh Police has registered a case against nine senior medical students under the ‘Anti-Ragging Act-2009’ for allegedly doing obscene acts to junior medical students and using abusive language with girl students on the pretext of ragging.

The incident took place at Indore’s MGM College on Sunday and it came to light when a group of junior medical students informed the Anti-Ragging Helpline of the University Grand Commission (UGC) on Tuesday.

Acting on this information, the police registered a case against the senior MBBS students under IPC sections dealing with obscene acts and criminal intimidation, apart from the provisions of the ‘Anti Ragging Act-2009’.

Police said it has so far identified nine senior MBBS students.

“So far, nine senior MBBS students of MGM College have been identified who are suspected to be involved in the alleged ragging of juniors. Also, notices were issued to at least 98 junior students under Section 161 of CrPC for recording statements about alleged ragging,” a senior police officer told IANS on Thursday.

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The juniors had complained unanimously and presented audio-visual evidence including WhatsApp chats.

According to the complaint, the junior students were locked in a flat and their mobile phones were snatched. They were forced to sit down, slap each other so hard that the voice was loud and clear, to perform sexual acts with pillows or with batchmates, and to make derogatory remarks about female batchmates Gone.

According to the complaint, the juniors were tortured for five hours inside a house located near the college campus. He was warned by superiors against reporting the matter to the authorities otherwise “his five years in college would be wasted.”

The juniors said that instead of helping them, some professors supported ragging. “There have been incidents when professors have said that ragging is necessary for personality development,” the complaint said.

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