CCTV footage of fight in Ahmedabad surfaced, Activa driver hit by car and beaten up Pipa News


CCTV footage of fight in Ahmedabad surfaced, Activa driver hit by car and beaten up

In another incident, a security guard beat him with a belt and a pipe when he refused to smoke a cigarette.

Updated: May 2nd, 2023

Ahmedabad: Law and order situation is deteriorating in Ahmedabad city. Anti-social elements are rampantly hooliganizing in the city. Crimes are being committed as if there is no fear of police action. CCTV footage of youths being beaten up in two different areas of the city has come to light. More than open hooliganism, such elements have also created an atmosphere of fear among people. Police have conducted further investigation based on the CCTV footage.

According to the received details, CCTVs of two different areas of Ahmedabad have been exposed. In the earlier incident, the Activa driver was chased and hit by a car. In another, the youths were beaten up with cattle prods and pipes by the security guards for reprimanding them for smoking cigarettes. CCTV has also come to light in both these incidents. The police have registered a case in this matter and are trying to nab the accused.

The first incident is from Ahmedabad’s Bodakdev area. In which a video of some youths hitting a security guard has come to light. In the scenes seen in the video, three-four youths are gathering and beating the security guard with a belt and their free hands. According to the information received from the sources, one of these youths was stopped by the security guard for smoking a cigarette and after that the whole matter was derailed. The youths got together and beat up the security guard. The entire scene was captured on a nearby CCTV camera. In this regard, efforts have also been started by the local police to arrest the accused.

An Activa driver is being chased by a car in the Vatwa area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAhmedabad. The man was carrying an Aktiva when a car coming from behind hit him. The Activa driver was knocked down when the car collided. Before he got up and went anywhere, people from the car got down with sticks and pipes and started attacking the young man. The young man could not even stand up as one person after another threw insults at him. The youth reported the whole matter to the police. The scenes of this entire attack have also been captured in CCTV. Regarding the incident, the Vatva police have registered a case against unknown persons and are taking further action.