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Chansar is a deprived village in developed Gujarat

Mitesh Bhatia, Mahisagar: As the Assembly elections are approaching, the candidates of many parties have started campaigning. A case has come up in Mahisagar district. Even after so many years of independence, this village is still developing. Even after all these years, it seems to be living in BC. Today, the slogans of modern Bharat Shreshta Bharat are being heard and development is being talked about vigorously. Gujarat is being recognized as a role model of development before the world. But in Mahisagar district the reality is being seen something different.

People spend their lives in darkness

Even after all these years of independence, Chansar Bet Paliya village in Chavdia Gram Panchayat area, which is only three kilometers away from Lunawada, the headquarters of Mahisagar district, is being deprived of development. Local people are now living in darkness. This village has no facilities like roads, paved houses or electric light. There are mud houses built over three generations and a walking trail. On the other hand, one has to walk for three kilometers to reach this village.Also Read: From Banaskantha to Anand’s Women’s Milk Industry to Politics Intervention

Several presentations have also been made

It is worth mentioning that, even today, no official or leader sees this situation. Leaders come to this village to ask for votes after elections, and after making big promises, they go away with votes from the gullible people. Villagers have submitted written representations to the officials and leaders many times but ultimately they are getting disappointment. The people of Chansar Bet village support their family by farming and doing odd jobs.

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The reality here is completely different

There has been development in Gujarat, it is being talked about. But the reality is looking completely different. Even today the people of this village are seen deprived of development. The electricity of Gujarat’s development has not reached this village. Even today the women here are not freed from the hearth. His life is being spent in the hearth. Development has remained a dream for the people of this village. Only dreams are shown by the system and never fulfilled.

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There are also no common facilities like toilets

People living in paved houses do not even have time to understand the situation of people living in mud houses in this village. After the election, no leader even thinks about this village. This village does not even have basic facilities like roads, toilets. Due to lack of road, even the service of 108 has no power. If a person falls ill, there is no road to take him to the hospital. It means that getting sick is like death for the people of this village. According to locals, some women die during childbirth.

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