‘Chaos’ at Heathrow as 30 flights canceled by airport for capacity reasons

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Revelers faced fresh chaos at Heathrow airport on Thursday morning when the airport ordered the cancellation of flights because it could not handle them.

Thirty flights were canceled during the morning peak, affecting thousands of passengers as the number of passengers exceeded the airport’s maximum capacity.

Some did not discover that their flights were canceled in the rare “schedule interference” until they arrived at the airport.

A Heathrow spokesman said the airport had “asked airlines to remove 30 flights from the morning peak” because it was “expecting more passengers than the airport is currently able to serve”.

“We will work with airlines to rebook affected passengers on other flights outside of the peak to avoid as many people as possible, and we apologize for the impact this has had on travel plans,” the spokesperson said.

“We are working hard to make sure everyone has an easy trip through Heathrow this summer, and most importantly, to ensure that all service providers at the airport have access to meet demand. Have enough resources.”

The affected flights include some British Airways flights. Travel writer and broadcaster Andy Mosack wrote on Twitter: “Absolutely chaos at Heathrow this morning. British Airways flights canceled and zero customer service!”

British Airways said in a statement: “As a result of requiring Heathrow for all airlines to reduce their schedules, we have had a small number of cancellations.

“We are in contact with affected customers to apologize, advise them about their consumer rights, and provide them with alternative options, including refunds or rebooking.”

Another passenger affected by the flight cancellation, Andrew Douglas, said he had “spent the last four hours in multiple queues at Heathrow Airport”.

He continued: “Absolutely shabby, complete chaos and only detected at check-in with no prior notice. Terrible service.”

There are fears that summer travel chaos may worsen as Britons flock to go on vacation.

Around 700 British Airways employees at Heathrow have voted to strike during the school holidays, which could affect many hoping to be away for the school holidays.

This comes after severe disruptions at UK airports in the wake of the Easter and Jubilee bank holidays.

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