Chennai Mother gives her lover rape her minor daughter hides teen pregnancy 2 held

Chennai Mother gives her lover rape her minor daughter hides teen pregnancy 2 held

CHENNAI (May 14): A woman (Woman) has allegedly allowed a lover to rape her minor Daughter in a horrific incident. Moreover, a woman living in Chennai has allowed her lover to rape her youngest daughter. The daughter has given birth to a baby at home. A woman lover was arrested on May 13. The incident came to light when the child was taken to the primary care center after being ill.

The 38-year-old woman was working all day. India Today reported that her daughter was studying in 11th grade. Moreover, according to an India Today report, the woman had an affair with a 50-year-old man.

Who wanted to marry the daughter of a loved woman

Seeing the girl, she told her mother that she wanted to marry the baby. Eventually, a young girl was raped, and her mother knew this.

Break into education when daughter is pregnant

When the girl became pregnant, her mother stopped schooling and married her lover. To keep his neighbors from becoming suspicious, he kept the girl inside his home.

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Childbirth in the bathroom

An officer investigating the case said, “On May 1, the girl complained of childbirth, and the mother gave birth to a baby in their bathroom.

The incident came to light when the child became ill and rushed to the primary health center. The hospital staff asked about the birth record and the mother of the child. When the woman filed the Aadhaar card, the staff tracked the age of the victim and informed the child welfare committee.

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Chennai police have registered a case under various sections of the Pokso Act and arrested a man and a woman.

An 18-year-old woman accused of kidnapping and raping three men while she was going to distribute her wedding invitation letters in Jhansi district. The accused took her to a political party leader. The woman then allegedly demanded to be with someone else in a village in Datia district near Madhya Pradesh, police said on Monday.

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The woman has complained to the police that three youths of the village have abducted her on April 18 when they went to distribute their wedding cards on April 21.

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