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Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann got Z+ security

A major decision has been taken by the Union Home Ministry to increase the security arrangements of Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann. He has been provided with this system. In fact, during the last few months, the Central Intelligence Agency I.B. (Intelligence Bureau/IB) was brought to the notice of the activities of several suspects in Punjab, considering the seriousness of which the Chief Minister after seeing and examining all those inputs, he ordered the security arrangements of Z Plus. had sent a special report to the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to increase the security of Immediate effect. The deployment of CRPF personnel for the security arrangements of Z Plus will be with Chief Minister Mann, who will work under three shifts. 36 CRPF jawans will be deployed to protect the Chief Minister. which will provide 24-hour tight security from the Chief Minister’s residence to his personal meetings.

How many youths are in the security system provided by the Union Home Ministry? If we talk about the categories of security system provided by Union Ministry of Home Affairs, they are mainly of five types, which we colloquially call X category, Y and Y plus category, Z category and Z plus category. know as But it is also very important to know how many jawans are deployed in those different categories. The information which is mainly as follows-

1. X Category Security System – Under the X Category Security System two commando jawans are deployed along with VIPs. About the security system it can be said that it is a kind of first level security system but if the alert is serious then Y class or second class security system is given except this category.

2. Y Category Security System – Under Y category, a VIP leader or other person is provided with a total security system of 11 personnel, which also includes about two commandos and two PSOs.

3. Security System of Y Plus – Under the security system of Y Plus, a VIP or any other person is posted in the security system of about 11 commands. which are equipped with special weapons. However, five of those 11 commandos are guarded by permanent police personnel, including the VIP residences, who work in three shifts.

4. Z Category Security System – Under the Z Category Security System, 22 jawans are deployed to protect the VIP person. This category of security system also includes an escort car in the holder’s security, which follows the security holder VIP’s car while visiting any location and keeps an eye on all suspicious activities. The security perimeter under the Z category is very strong and tight. which are equipped with modern weapons as well as modern means of communication.

5. Z Plus Category Security System – 36 jawans are posted under Z Plus Category Security System. This security system is considered to be the highest level, as there are very few VIPs in today’s era who are provided with Z Plus security. Under the Z Plus category, there is security for the President and the Prime Minister. Also, after assessing the security arrangements of other VIPs including senior Supreme Court judges, High Court judges, state governors or lieutenant governors, chief ministers and cabinet ministers in the country, they are provided with Z+ security. is

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