Child death again in North Bengal Medical Pipa News

Child death again in North Bengal Medical

Siliguri: Another child death in North Bengal Medical College and Hospital. The five-month-old child’s name is Radharani Das, a resident of Newtown neighborhood in Jalpaiguri district. The child was admitted to the medical center on March 9 with other symptoms including shortness of breath. Since then he was being treated in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). The physical condition started to deteriorate from last Thursday. The child finally died on Saturday. According to hospital sources, the child was suffering from severe septicemia and pneumonia.

A few days ago, a child under treatment at the medical’s PICU department also died in the same way. On this day again, questions are being raised about the medical system in the same incident. Adeno virus-infected children continue to die in Kolkata. No detection system for adenovirus has yet been developed in North Bengal. Although many children are admitted with symptoms of adeno, they are admitted and treated as acute respiratory infection (ARI). But there is no way to know exactly why the child is sick, whether there is a virus infection behind it. One more child under treatment in the PICU department is said to be in critical condition.

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