Cinema style ganja smuggling in Visakhapatnam Pipa News

Cinema style ganja smuggling in Visakhapatnam

Setti Jagadeesh, News 18, Visakhapatnam
Everyone knows that Pushpa Movie has created a stir across the country. After that, many people were caught smuggling red sandal in the same way. Recently in Visakhapatnam, a gang was busted in the same pushpa movie style, which was smuggling ganja. In Visakhapatnam, the police are taking strict action against smuggling of liquor, control of manufacturing and Ganja smuggling. The Visakhapatnam SEB has been conducting regular checks at all the borders of the district to prevent smuggling. The police received information that cannabis was being transported from S. Kota to Tamil Nadu in a mini bus. The police stopped the vehicle and checked it. So that no one gets suspicious, they put an eye to the ceiling and filled it with marijuana in the style of the movie. Again the ceiling was closed as usual. As part of the checking, the police went inside and made it so neat that no traces of the ganja smuggling gang could be seen.

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After having definite information, the police seized the ganja packings like the one above by keeping an eye on the ceiling. 120 kg of marijuana being smuggled was seized and two accused were arrested. On this occasion, SEB JD Srinivasa Rao warned that strict action will be taken against those involved in the illegal transportation of ganja.

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SEB JD Srinivasa Rao said that 42 cases of interstate ganja smuggling have been cracked and 137 accused have been arrested in the last four months. The police of Visakhapatnam Special Enforcement Bureau are keeping an iron foot against the inter-state ganja smugglers as per the directives of city police commissioner CH Srikanth, in order to achieve the goals of the government with the use of technology and surveillance.

He said that the youth should stay away from intoxicants like ganja. Srinivas advised the students and the people of Visakhapatnam not to destroy their precious lives. If you have any information related to drugs and ganja, you should call the toll free number 14500. Srinivasa Rao said that the details of the callers will be kept confidential.

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