Co-op launches UK supermarket’s first 15-minute service that will make your life easier

Co-op launches UK supermarket’s first 15-minute service that will make your life easier

The Co-op is ready to launch the 15 minute service that will make your life easier at the first UK supermarket.

The supermarket says it will be the first in the country to introduce ‘walking delivery’ to homes and workplaces within a 15-minute walk of its stores.

The new initiative is expected to operate at 200 stores after a successful trial run in Cornwall.

The co-op said the rollout is predicted to include smaller towns and rural villages, which are often increasingly viewed as ‘offline’ by home delivery providers, who focus on urban areas.

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Start cooperative and first walking delivery service to expand online business

Shoppers can also expect Co-op to see a rise in its online presence as the company has revealed plans to grow its digital business by 50% to £300 million by the end of this year.

The online services are now available at its more than 2,000 stores in towns, villages and cities.

The increased use of robots is also part of the co-op’s plans, with autonomous home delivery robots taking to the streets of Cambridge for the first time this week in partnership with Starship Technologies.

Robotic deliveries from supermarkets are already a familiar sight in Milton Keynes, where they were first launched, and Northampton.

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Chris Conway, Co-op’s Director of E-Commerce, said: “Making shopping quick, easy and convenient for our members and customers is at the heart of our vision.

“We aim to be the most convenient home delivery service and we continue to innovate to meet the needs of consumers.”

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