Competition between DMK and AIADMK to inaugurate a new transformer Pipa News


Competition between DMK and AIADMK to inaugurate a new transformer

A pota competition has been held between DMK and AIADMK to inaugurate a new transformer in Arani. Arani Assembly Member Sewur Ramachandran, knowing that the DMK executives were coming, hastily switched on the transformers and caused a sensation.

Three new transformers were installed at a cost of Rs 12 lakhs in Ariyapadi, Kamakur, Kaikilantangal and other areas of Arani assembly constituency for farmers’ works and for irrigation of Menila reservoir by Tamil Nadu Electricity Board.

The invitation letter of the electricity board officials for the installed transformers was handed over to Arani AIADMK legislator Sewur Ramachandran to start the new transformer.

Meanwhile, in Kunnathur and Kamakur areas, the DMK and AIADMK officials had set up the party flag postures for the transformer inauguration ceremony, and Arani assembly member Sewur Ramachandran and the AIADMK officials immediately went to the transformer inauguration ceremony.


Then DMK City Council President of Arani Assembly Constituency A.C. Mani, union committee leaders Pachaiammal Srinivasan, Kanimozhi Sundar and DMK officials including DMK union secretary SS Anbazagan went to the spot for the transformer inauguration ceremony.

Arani AIADMK legislator and AIADMK executives saw the arrival of the DMK members and immediately started the work of starting the transformers and the DMK members were shocked as the AIADMK legislator started and maintained the three transformers.

Then, seeing the DMK coming, the AIADMK took their vehicles and left at lightning speed. Enraged by this, the DMK officials engaged in an argument with Arani electrical engineer and officials.

The DMK functionaries reprimanded the officials for harshly reprimanding the government officials who insulted us, the ruling party. It is also said that government officials are involved in Arani due to power struggles between DMK and AIADMK. The general public and social activists are worried that public welfare work is being affected by this.