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Congress President Election and Ashok Gehlot’s Ambitions – Bombay News

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Gujarat assembly election seems to have put every party in active mode. BJP has suddenly started speeding up the stalled development works in Gujarat. Launching programs have started every other day in some city of Gujarat by the minister. Your futures market is also flourishing. Kejriwal is giving guarantees by filling sacks. Care is also taken to ensure that the advertisement they make gets enough public response. Amidst all this, the Congress’s Bharat Jodo Yatra and the election of the working committee chairman have become the center of discussion. Congress wants to conquer Gujarat and circulate all over India… Only the entire Congress can understand Rahul Gandhi’s ideas, so it is futile to discuss that topic, but who will become the new president of the Congress party, why will he become, how will he become and what will happen to the Gandhi family after becoming the president. Everyone is eager to know who will do it.
The post of Congress president has been monopolized by the Gandhi family for the past several years. This post itself has become a means of neglecting veteran leaders. Kapil Sibal has repeatedly said in public that the post of Congress president is not a fiefdom of the Gandhi family. But no one considered that his words fell on deaf ears.., It is because of the concrete steps taken by K. Kamaraj when he became the Chairman of the Working Committee during the time of Indira Gandhi that the Congress government is surviving today at least in Rajasthan.
K. Kamaraj originally joined the Congress after being influenced by the ideas of Subhash Chandra Bose. The Working Committee became instrumental in joining them. On January 29, 1939, for the first time, Gandhi presented the idea of ​​a working committee in the party, so everyone declared that he should be the president, but Bapu proposed to give a chance to a young face. Seizing this opportunity, Jinnah and Nehru started gathering their supporters. How did he know that Bapu had already found his own young candidate. When the election date was announced, Gandhiji announced Pattabhi Sitaramayya as a candidate, so everyone was taken by surprise. Now if nominations are filed against him, it is possible that Bapu’s candidate may lose and if that happens, internal factions will arise in the Congress in the freedom struggle, so Jinnah and Nehru have their own. The names of the candidates were withdrawn but one Bhadvir announced his name as a candidate following this democratic process and that was Subhash Chandra Bose…
A teenager named Kamakshi Kumaraswamy Nadar had just joined the Congress. Reading Subhash Babu’s name, he got excited and started making election campaign leaflets. Due to his passion, Subhash Babu’s supporters also started working with him. When the results of the working committee were announced, what Congolese activists and especially Bapu’s supporters had feared happened. Subhash Chandra Bose defeated Pattabhi Sitaramaiah in the Congress-presidential election, Subhash getting 1580 votes and Ramaiah 1377 votes. Gandhiji and Sardar Patel made all efforts but could not win over Ramaiah.
On Bose’s victory, Gandhiji said, ‘Ramaiya’s defeat is my defeat’ The result was that all the leaders associated with the Congress announced their resignations as no leader was willing to work with Bose. Therefore, Subhash Chandra Bose voluntarily resigned from the post of Congress-President and took his own separate path for the cause of freedom of the country, but this post remained vacant. Kamakshi Kumaraswamy Nadar wanted to join Bose’s army but the family kept him tied to Bapu. As he went, Bose named K. from this long lachak. Kamaraj advised to keep the name and this name became the identity of the Congress. After the resignation of Subhash Babu, there was a constant tug of war for the post of Congress president, so the post was not filled by anyone.
When the country became independent, Nehru became the Prime Minister and K. Impressed by Kamaraj’s suggestion, he made him the President of the Working Committee and Congress President. It was he who made the Congolese workers aware of the importance of the Working Committee and its basic functions. It was Kamaraj who suggested Shastriji to become Prime Minister after Nehru’s death.
The originator of the theory which caused an earthquake in the politics of Gujarat with the ‘no repeat theory’. Kamaraj is In the period from 1961 to 1963, the dominance of the Congress in India was declining. At that time, it was K. Kamaraj who gave the order to conduct public relations by holding rallies across the country, which Rahul Gandhi is following today. But how long can one serve a position in Congress sincerely. After the arrival of Indira Gandhi K. Kamaraj and his supporters were superseded and the Gandhi family took over the working committee. From then till now Narasimha Rao and Kotla Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy got a chance to become the Congress president only twice for a short period but after the death of Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia remained the leader.
Today, when the Congress is crippled from all corners, the tyrants are resigning, the workers are fed up, the election of the Congress president has been announced to impart new consciousness in the party. The issue of why Rahul Gandhi will not become the president is spreading more than the heat of Chaitra. Now there are only leaders left in the Congress who only repair the mistakes of the Gandhi family.. That’s why Ashok Gehlot repeats the same thing like a pet parrot that he will convince Rahul for the post of Congress President and not himself. What if he agrees! The balance will be created for the party.
The name of Shashi Tharoor is also included in the race of the Congress president, but if Tharoor becomes the president, the number of Lalanas and Manunis will increase in the Congress..! But Gehlot has a different game plan. If Priyanka Gandhi’s name is added to this chapter, the discussion can continue for a long time and by then the date of assembly in Gujarat will also be announced.
Originally, the issue of vacant post of Congress president was raised by Gujarat BJP. So now Congress wants to fill this vacancy in the name of a leader like Kalaiya Kunwar keeping in mind the assembly elections. The election in the working committee is only in name. The Gandhi family will choose a leader who has direct communication in his hands. All the Congress leaders, including Indira Gandhi, used to keep Eelam Ki Lakdi like a ring master in a circus, with which even the soldiers representing tigers walked upright. BJP abolished that policy of Congress. Modi’s model has now become comprehensive in Gujarat. So, even though the party leader has a clean and pure image, the people are not illiterate. He understands the difference between neer and ksheer. With the entry of Aam Aadmi Party in it, the votes of Congress have also started to fall.
Politics is indeed a land of field marshals, the field of Congress is out of touch with the field. If you take the example of Gujarat alone, you will realize that the Congress is full of staunch, semi-staunch and partial enemies of each other. Every Congressman has a silver saw to cut off the feet of others. It has become a legend that two Kongees became close friends in Gujarat. At such a time, Ashok Gehlot should be serious and focus on his duty to the party, leaving the brothers and sisters of the Gandhi family behind.
Rahul Gandhi has progressed but it is difficult for him to reach midday. Because every state of the country has its own opponents in the Congress regional structure. Also, the leadership battle is going on from Panchayat to Parliament. The main test for the Congress is to overcome this internal war. Repeated statements by the Congress about the state of the country do not have much impact on the electoral process or public sentiment.
Recently in the Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul Gandhi compared Narendra Modi with the Kauravas of Mahabharata and said, ‘BJP and Chowkidars have less time now’ but Rahul forgot that reforms are also needed in the Congress because they still have plenty of time!. Now it has to be seen how much the post of Congress President will prove to be an omen for the Congress itself..

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