Conspiracy to murder has been planned: Imran PiPa News

Conspiracy to murder has been planned: Imran

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has said a conspiracy to murder him has been planned and he has recorded a video to expose the characters involved in it.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan addressed the public meeting in Sialkot and said he has saved his recorded video on the conspiracy in a secure place.

Imran Khan said this video will surface after his killing, adding that he has mentioned all the names of the people behind this conspiracy in the recorded video.

The PTI chairman said he was not doing politics but Jahad as he was fighting for almighty Allah. He said revolution is ready. He said he had no fear of death.

He called the PTI workers to be ready for joining him in Islamabad as the government will stop the transport and internet and other communication systems two days before the Islamabad gathering.

Former premier Imran said their rally in Islamabad will be peaceful but if the government tried to disturb them like Sialkot jalsa, the rulers would not succeed to hide somewhere.

Imran Khan paid tribute to FIA officer late Dr Rizwan for his daring investigations against the Sharif family’s corruption. He disclosed that another FIA officer Nadeem Akhtar who was an investigator of Shehbaz Sharif’s corruption case also died of a heart attack yesterday. He said it is not a coincidence.

PTI Chairman Imran asked the judiciary why Supreme Court was opened at night only against his government.



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