Convicted pedophile Shayne Lund appears before the parole board Pipa News


Convicted pedophile Shayne Lund appears before the parole board

Convicted pedophile Shayne Lund, now 31, revealed he recently got married and participated in a day and full parole at a hearing in the Ottawa area on Thursday.

In 2016, Lund pleaded guilty to 35 charges involving 14 victims as young as two years old, including child sexual assault, making and distributing child pornography and acts of bestiality. Lund received an indefinite sentence.

Lund, who married in December 2022, is also asking for a legal name change for himself and his new wife, citing his notoriety and increased media attention.

He indicated to the probation committee that he was not seeking a day or full parole at this time.

The probation committee asked Lund several times if he is attracted to children, but he did not immediately respond. Lund said he hadn’t had those thoughts in prison.

Lund expressed a desire to study psychology at the board to gain an understanding of its history and how his life unraveled.

His attorney Phil Casey told the board that Lund has indicated he is no longer attracted to underage girls and says Lund has “entered into a healthy and sexually appropriate relationship”.

After deliberations, the board finally concluded that “you would present an unnecessary risk to society at this time”.

Lund thanked the board for meeting him and getting to know the face and person behind the case.