Corona Virus In Indore: The expiry date of one lakh doses of anti-coronavirus vaccine is still sluggish

Publish Date: | Fri, 24 Jun 2022 11:59 AM (IST)

Corona Virus In Indore: Indore, Naiduniya Representative. On the one hand, the residents of the city are wandering to get the vaccine to protect against corona, on the other hand thousands of vaccines have reached the verge of spoilage due to the negligence of the health department. If the current pace of vaccination continues, most of the one lakh 10 thousand doses of vaccine with the district health department will get spoiled in the next two months. The expiry date (expiry date) of these vaccines will come in the next two months.

Still thousands of people in the district have not got both the vaccines of Corona so far. At present, only hundreds of vaccines are being administered daily in the district. Although there has been a slight increase in this number after making it mandatory for the employees engaged in the election to get the corona vaccine, but still it is not very much. According to the health department data, 4650 doses of Covishield will expire by June 29, while more than 38 thousand doses will be spoiled by the end of July. Similarly, the expiry date of one lakh 10 thousand 800 vaccines is 6 August. Here, the Health Department officials claimed that in the coming two months, they would promote the vaccination campaign and save the dosage from spoilage.

Half a million vaccines in stock

District Immunization Nodal Officer Dr. Tarun Gupta told that at present we have about two and a half lakh vaccines in stock. Of these, 60 thousand are covaccine, while the rest are coveshield. It is true that some vaccines have an expiration date, but we are confident that these vaccines will be used before that. The 4650 doses expiring on June 29 will be used up before that. We are administering more than a thousand vaccines daily. With the aim of applying vigilance dose to maximum number of people, the ‘Ghar-Ghar Dastak’ campaign is also being run by the department.

dosage number expiring date

4650 June 29

38,000 end of july

1,10,800 6 august

34 new corona patients found, infection rate 5.21 percent

Corona infection has started increasing again in the city. On Thursday, 34 new cases were reported, while 652 samples were tested. That is, the infection rate was 5.21 percent. It is a matter of relief that 31 patients defeated Corona on Thursday. So far 38,10,700 samples have been tested in the district. Of these, 2,08,450 have been found infected.

The number of patients treated for corona in the district was going on in the unit till a few days ago, but with increasing infection, the number of patients treated started increasing. At present, the number of patients undergoing treatment for corona in Indore has increased to 171. Although most of them do not have serious symptoms of corona. Patients are recovering by staying at home.

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