COVID-19: Peterborough reports 2 deaths, 2 hospitalisations, risk index remains medium – Peterborough Pipa News

COVID-19: Peterborough reports 2 deaths, 2 hospitalisations, risk index remains medium – Peterborough

Peterborough Public Health reported two new COVID-19 deaths, 54 new lab-confirmed cases and one new outbreak over the past week, according to data released Wednesday afternoon.

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In its weekly update, the health unit’s Community Risk Index for COVID-19 remained at ‘moderate risk’ for the third consecutive week with the following risk factors:

Peterborough Public Health’s Community Risk Index for COVID-19, 23 November 2022.

Peterborough Public Health

Other data reported by the health unit’s weekly COVID-19 tracker site for the jurisdiction of Peterborough, Peterborough County, Curve Lake First Nation and Hiawatha First Nation as of 4 p.m. Wednesday:

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deaths: 127 since the pandemic was declared in 2020 — Two more deaths since the November 16 update.

New PCR-confirmed cases: 54 since the Nov 16 update.

Active PCR Lab-confirmed cases: 340 – 339 reported on 16th November and 386 reported on 9th November. The province and the health unit noted that the number of active cases being reported is an “underestimation” due to changes in PCR test availability effective December 31, 2021.

admitted to hospital: 504 — Cumulative cases hospitalized since pandemic began — Two more since November 16 update. As of Tuesday, 22 November the Peterborough Regional Health Center reported seven admitted patients, up from six reported on 15 November. A record 53 patients were reported on 18 October. Was announced – unchanged from 9 November. The hospital has reported one patient transfer related to provincial directives so far in 2022.

Cumulative Laboratory-Confirmed Cases: 10,253 since the pandemic began.

Resolved Cases: The 9,786 cumulative resolved cases since the pandemic was declared account for approximately 95.4 percent of all laboratory-confirmed cases.

The health unit only reports “high-risk” outbreaks. Four active outbreaks have been reported on Wednesday afternoon. One new outbreak declared since November 16 update:

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  • fairhaven Long term care in Peterborough (Riverside 3 area): announced on 21 November

Other active outbreaks:

  • group living facility (No. 55) in Peterborough County: Announced November 15
  • Peterborough Retirement ResidenceAnnounced : November 7
  • Fairhaven Long Term Care in Peterborough. Announced October 26 in the Riverside 2 region

Outbreaks declared since November 16 update:

  • St Joseph’s at Fleming’s Long Term Care in Peterborough: Creekside A and B – Announced on October 21st and picked up on November 18th.

Since the pandemic was declared, the health unit has reported 214 outbreaks.

The health unit reports that 397,086 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered. In the last six months, 37,263 booster doses have been given. Twenty-six percent of eligible residents have received a booster dose in the past six months.

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Vaccination Rate:

  • All Residents: 85 percent have a dose; 82% have two doses
  • Adults (age 70+): 100% is the first and second doses
  • Adults (ages 18-69)): 89 percent have a dosage; 87% have two doses
  • Adults (age 18+): 92 percent have a dose; 90% have two doses
  • youth (ages 12-17): is a dosage of 80 per cent; 75% has two doses
  • Children (ages 5-11): 48 percent have one dose; 36% have two doses
  • children (under 5): contains a dose of eight per cent; three percent have two doses

The health unit is hosting vaccination clinics at 340 George St Ann (units 36 and 37) in Peterborough Square. Free parking will be available for two hours for the customers. No Walk-Ins – All appointments must be booked online or by calling 1-833-943-3900.

Visit the health unit’s website or visit a participating pharmacy for the vaccination schedule.

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