Crime: Daughter suspected of illicit relationship for finding pregnancy kit in bag; The parents who killed the girl and put acid on her body! Pipa News


Crime: Daughter suspected of illicit relationship for finding pregnancy kit in bag; The parents who killed the girl and put acid on her body!

Lucknow: Pregnancy test kits were found in the bag of a 21-year-old daughter, and the parents suspected that the daughter was having a relationship with some young man and the incident took place in Lucknow. The parents who strangled their own daughter on suspicion took the help of their two relatives and mutilated the dead body with acid and threw it near a canal so that they could not be identified. Police has informed that all the four accused have been arrested after the investigation proved the allegations.

Missing complaint

Naresh, a resident of Ten Shah Alamabad village, Lucknow, lodged a complaint about his daughter’s disappearance on February 3. During the search, a mutilated dead body was found near a canal on the outskirts of the village on Tuesday. Later, Naresh and his wife Shobhadevi were interrogated and both of them admitted that they had strangled their daughter to death at their house on February 3, Superintendent of Police Brijesh Kumar Srivastach informed.

Parents who threw acid so as not to be identified

The parents, who murdered their daughter on the suspicion of illicit relationship, poured acid from the battery in the house on the dead body so that the identity would not be detected. The SP said that Naresh took the help of his two brothers Gulab and Ramesh for this crime.

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It is suspected that he was talking on a mobile phone

Accused Naresh’s daughter was talking to many boys on mobile. Also, some pregnancy test kits were found in her bag. The SP said that because of this, he suspected that his daughter was having a relationship with some boy and killed her in the same anger.

The daughter of a woman who was in a living relationship was raped

An incident has taken place in Rajasthan where a man who was living together with a woman repeatedly raped her minor daughter and made her pregnant. The case came to light late and the accused named Kedar Singh was arrested. The crime took place in Rajasthan’s Baran district.

After the woman died, the girl was molested

Amorous Kedar Singh was in a live-in-together relationship with the rape victim’s mother for many years. But the girl’s mother died eleven months ago. After that the accused started sexually assaulting her daughter continuously. The minor girl was subjected to medical examination by the police and it was found that she is 23 weeks pregnant.

How did the case come to light?

Recently the girl’s uncle had come to visit her and while talking like this she told him all her troubles. Then her uncle called the girl to the police station and lodged a complaint. When the girl told the police in detail, the police registered an FIR against Kedar Singh and set a trap for his arrest.