Crown Awards 2022 : Award for Literature Pipa News

Crown Awards 2022 : Award for Literature

Makudam Awards 2022 organized by News 18 Tamil Nadu is being held today in Chennai to celebrate personalities from various fields and best cinematographers. M. Rajendran IAS received the Literary Award.

His work ‘Kala Pani’ established very conclusively that India’s first independence movement started from Tamil Nadu. He is the 2022 Sahitya Akademi award winning author M. Rajendran IAS.

He had a keen interest in Tamil literature and history and studied English literature. He studied law at Annamalai University and received his doctorate from Thanjavur Tamil University in Thirukkural.

His book ‘Vadakarai: A History of a Dynasty’ tells the history of South Tamil Nadu spanning 600 years. Lawyer Tiruvalluvar, Chola era Sepedu, Pallavar era Sepedu, Cherar era Sepedu, Patali, Pandya era Sepedu, White in the sunny country, Last land of elephants, Action is the best word, Kala pani, each of his works told a story.

For his writing work, he received awards such as Tansiri Soma Award, Pudumaippitthan Praditlakiya Award. ‘Kala Pani’, the story of the first king who was exiled in Tamil Nadu before the Kalaiyar Temple War, won the Sahitya Akademi Award and touched the pinnacle of literature. News18 Tamilnadu is proud to present the Literary Award to M. Rajendran IAS at the Makudam Awards-2022.

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