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Cultivation of 5 types of chamomile flowers in one field

K Pawan Kumar, News18, Vijayawada

Needless to say how special flowers are in our rituals. Each of these flowers is unique. It should be said that chamomile is the king of flowers after rose. Chamanti flowers are in craze throughout the year. That is the demand. That is why farmers are paying attention to this Chamanti crop. This crop has low investment and high income. Also this chamomile is very useful in increasing the beauty of the surroundings. That’s why Chamanti flowers are in good demand in any season. At present some farmers in Vijayawada are cultivating this crop.

Chamomile can be cultivated in all types of soil. It is said that heavy yields can be achieved in alluvial soils with sewage water. Also, choose a good soil and plow the field three or four times and also add manure, some nitrogen and phosphorus before plowing. Then the plants should be planted. The plant should be planted at a distance of about 20 cm. The bamboo stick should be fixed so that the plants do not fall. The soil near the plant should be stirred two or three times. By doing so, the root system becomes stronger.

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Water should be provided as the plant grows. Also ensure that water is not stored. Also the drugs should be sprayed without any harm to the plants. If the heads are cut after it grows well, it will spread on the ground. Rythu Padma Rao says that if proper crop protection measures are followed, the yields will be good. Padma Rao is making a profit by cultivating 5 types of daisies and roses in his 70-cent farm. It is said that the labor in flower cultivation is less compared to other crops and the profits are more. Moreover, it is said that if you work while looking at beautiful flowers, it will be pleasant for your mind.

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