Custody of the accused ended in a paper leak Pipa News

Custody of the accused ended in a paper leak

Custody of accused ends in TSPSC paper leak Medical examinations of 9 accused have been completed. Notices have been issued to more than 30 employees working in TSPSC. SIT officials will investigate each of them separately. In Group 1, 103 people were found to have scored more than 100 marks. Once again on March 23, the confidential room section officer Shankar Lakshmi will record the statement.

The SIT officials will also inquire those who are close to the accused Praveen and Rajasekhar. Did they have any role in the paper leakage.. Did they help in any way..? Officials are investigating. Apart from the permanent employees, it can be said that the issuing of notices to the outsourced IT staff is also a key development in the case.

Apart from TSPSC employees, the CIT also decided to interrogate coaching center administrators and candidates who were close to Renuka, who was the key in the leakage. Rajasekhar’s friend Ramesh, who got the rank of Group 1, had doubts about his role, so it was decided to interrogate him again.

BJP has already issued sit notices to state president Bandi Sanjay and Congress party president Revanth Reddy. The SIT went to the houses and put notices to give evidence for the allegations made on the paper leakages. SIT responded to the notices due to severe criticism. Officials explained that as much as notices have been issued, it cannot be said that all of them are involved in the paper leakage as much as they have been called for investigation.

Sensational things are coming to light as the paper leakage case is being investigated. The entire city will emerge. At the same time, while the BJP is demanding an inquiry with the sitting judge of the High Court, RS Praveen Kumar along with the Congress party is demanding an inquiry by the CBI.


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