Cyber ​​Crime | Old man trapped in the web of cyber thugs Pipa News

Cyber ​​Crime | Old man trapped in the web of cyber thugs

Nagpur, By pretending to rent a house by pretending to be an army officer, the cyber thug deceived the old man. Rs 1.91 lakh was blown away from his 2 bank accounts. The police have registered a case on the complaint of Satish Uddhavrao Chimalwar (65), a resident of Besa. Satish had to give his house on rent. For this, he had given an advertisement in the newspaper.

On 18 April 2022, a person named Mayank Nagar called him. Called himself an army officer and said that he has been transferred to Nagpur. He wants to get home but doesn’t have time to come to see. Fake identity card sent to Satish’s mobile. The rent was fixed at Rs 16,000 per month. Mayank pretends to make advance payment. First, 1 rupee was sent to Satish’s Paytm account. After the number is confirmed, Satish was asked to send the QR code.

After some time, Rs 15,999 was debited from his account. When Satish called him, he pretended to be in behavior. Told online procedure to refund money. According to the accused, Satish gave information related to the bank account. The accused transferred Rs 1.91 lakh online from both their accounts. After investigation, Beltarodi police registered a case.

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