De Havilland Way reform plans will ‘benefit all’

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Bolton Council leader Martin Cox has said residents and businesses will benefit enormously from a multi-million-pound bid to tackle overcrowding on one of the borough’s busiest streets.

And he said doing nothing would lead to a significant increase in congestion ‘to the point where all junctions would soon exceed capacity’.

Bolton Council’s bid for leveling up funding is to improve traffic flow on De Havilland Way and make it safer for all road users.

The junction is the major artery for residents of Horwich, Blackroad and Westthoton and Clare Cox said the proposed actions are intended to reduce travel times and encourage more active travel.

And he stressed that the plan addressed concerns raised by residents during a public consultation, including abandoning plans to make the road one-way.

The junction has been identified as needing improvement as it suffers from large congestion at peak times and without any intervention, he says, traffic build-up in the area will increase to the point where all junctions will soon exceed capacity. Will go

There are plans to install traffic signals at four junctions along the route while maintaining two-way traffic along Austin Lane, which town hall chiefs say will benefit all road users.

All signal junctions will be connected to control the traffic flow and decongest the entire road.

The proposed improvements are said to make the route more user-friendly by isolating pedestrians and cyclists from road traffic, making it safer for all users.

Clare Cox said the plan also means people using public transportation for work will be able to rely on more punctual service due to fewer crowds.

Major employers in the sector have extended their support to the reform plan.

Bolton Council leader Clare Martin Cox said: “The improvement work on de Havilland Way will be a huge benefit to the residents of Horwich, Blackrod and Westthoton in aiding their journey to and from work.

“Without interventions the traffic congestion at peak times will only increase, and this is not something that is happening.

“We also feel that other improvements may be needed, such as a new junction 7 on the M61. We intend to work with our local MPs, Lancashire County Council and Chorley Council, to provide a new junction to the national highways. 7 His efforts to explain must be built upon as soon as possible.

“We are satisfied that these improvements will lead to a comprehensively better experience for all and are confident that the scheme addresses concerns expressed by residents during public consultation events.

“The initial plan to make Austin’s Lane one-way has been dropped from the final draft after consultation with residents and will remain two-way.”

“It is important that we try to use the Leveling Up Fund to improve the quality of our road infrastructure that improves everyday life across the country.

“£4.8 billion will support town center redevelopment in the UK. Funding is allocated to specific projects such as transport, regeneration or maintaining heritage properties.”

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