Delhi nia court may sentence yasin malik in kashmir terror funding case today he had pleaded guilty snm

Delhi nia court may sentence yasin malik in kashmir terror funding case today he had pleaded guilty snm

Terror Funding Cas: Kashmir separatist leader Yasin Malik, convicted in a terror funding case, could be sentenced today. After Yasin Malik pleaded guilty, a special NIA court in Delhi convicted him in a previous hearing on all charges, including the Prevention of Illegal Activities Act (UAPA). The court set May 25 to discuss the sentence. Under the country’s provisions, he could be sentenced to a maximum of death or a minimum of life imprisonment.
According to PTI Bhasha, Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chief Yasin Malik had pleaded guilty to all charges of terrorism and terrorist financing. On May 10, Yassin told the court he did not want to challenge the charges against him. Yassin was charged under Section 16 (terrorist act), Section 17 (raising funds for terrorism), Section 18 (terrorist conspiracy) and Section 20 (being a member of a terrorist group) of the UAPA. Is. He is also facing charges under section 120B (criminal conspiracy) and section 124A (treason) of the IPC.

Yasin Malik was convicted on Thursday in a terror funding case that was opened in 2017. However, this is not the only case they are facing.

According to Outlook, Yasin Malik started out as a political activist, joined Pakistan-backed terrorism, renounced violence to advance separatism, and now openly militancy for more than two decades. He has been sentenced since he came to the national mainstream.

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Here’s what you need to know about Yassin Malik’s life and the cases he is facing:

The year 1987 was a turning point:
The year 1987 has often been called a turning point for Kashmir. It was also a turning point for Yassin Malik, who was active in mainstream electoral politics at the time. Malik was the leader of the Islamic Students League, which supported the Muslim United Front (MUF), which was fighting against the National Conference (NC) -Congress alliance. Malik became the polling agent of Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal candidate Muhammad Yusuf Shah.

According to the South Asia Terrorism Portal, Shah lost the election which was allegedly rigged in favor of the NC-Congress alliance. He joined the armed movement and named Syed Salahuddin to be the leader of the terrorist organization Hizb-ul-Mujahideen. Malik will become the leader of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), founded by Amanullah Khan in 1977 in Britain.

This was not a unique moment for the king and the country. Alleged rigging in the 1987 elections led to widespread alienation in Kashmir. An earlier article from Outlook noted. This caused great resentment and alienation among the people, especially among the youth, who had tried the MUF to channel their dissatisfaction.

The late Kashmiri separatist leader Adul Ghani Lone said that the 1987 elections had encouraged the younger generation to “go to hell with the democratic process” and “let’s go through armed struggle”. According to Outlook, Lone said in an interview that there was thinking, there was enthusiasm, there was desire, there was demand and there was opposition.

Yasin Malik’s violent phase with JKLF:
When Yasin Malik joined the JKLF, he shifted from political activism to militancy and terrorism. He is also believed to have entered Pakistan for weapons training.

According to an Indian Express report, although most people know the country for its involvement in the 1990 killing of four Indian Air Force personnel in Srinagar, this is only one of 65 criminal cases against them.

Citing an investigative report by the National Investigation Agency, The Express reported that most of them [مجرمانہ مقدمات] Murder, attempted murder, riots and insurrection. Yasin Malik was involved in the 1989 abduction of Rubia Saeed, daughter of the then Union Home Minister Mufti Muhammad Saeed, and the murder of four Indians.

According to the report, the country was involved in the abduction of Rubaya and the subsequent release of militants was another major movement for Kashmir. The release of the militants has caused a great deal of excitement in Kashmir, Rediff reported. Journalist Asha Khosa told Rediff that there was no sympathy for Rubaiya. People were with all the militants. When the militants were released, there was celebration all around. I have never seen so many people on the streets! They sang, danced and chanted anti-India slogans.

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Killing Air Force Soldiers
According to Outlook, Yasin Malik’s most notorious act was on January 25, 1990, when he allegedly led militants who opened fire on Indian Air Force personnel waiting for a morning bus in Srinagar. Four officers were killed.

The case is still pending after more than three decades. The latest conviction comes in a separate case of terrorism funding.

Malik was finally arrested in 1990. Arrest, renunciation of violence, mainstream life:

Yassin Malik was released four years later in 1994. After his release from prison, the country renounced violence, which led to a split in the JKLF, resulting in two factions, one led by a country working for non-violent Kashmiri secession. And led by another. Amanullah Khan will continue the violence.

Since then, the country has reportedly been in back-channel talks with the government. He has been in the mainstream until he met the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at his official 7 Race Course Road residence in Delhi in 2006 and appeared in popular television shows like Rajat Sharma’s Aap Adalat.

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