Delhi | Recruitments in central universities are consolidated. Pipa News

Delhi | Recruitments in central universities are consolidated.

New Delhi, Andhraprabha: The Universities Grants Commission (UGC) has launched a unified portal integrating all faculty appointments in central universities across the country. UGC Chairman Mamidala Jagadish Kumar launched this portal specially designed and developed under the name of CU-Chayan on Tuesday afternoon. Started at 2.00. After releasing a statement, he said that the portal will be completely user-friendly and will meet the needs of everyone in the recruitment process. It has been revealed that the recruitment process will continue as it is currently being done in the respective universities, but this portal will be useful for applicants and universities at all levels.

This portal provides a platform for listing vacancies and jobs in Central Universities. The process will be completely online from the time the recruitment notification is issued.

Portal Features:

• Enables an applicant to apply to all Central Universities with one login.

• The application enables real time tracking.

• Each applicant can customize the dashboard according to his needs.

• Admin dashboard for each university, department.

• Built in e-mail communication

• Online feedback collection for applicants, receipt of suggestions

• Real-time analysis, application comprehensive information

For applicants this portal shows a consolidated list of job opportunities across all universities. So that a single login and application processing can be done to apply to any university. Applicants can search for jobs using various filters like University Name, Location, Status, Category, Subject, Employment Type, Experience, Education Level etc.

Applicants can access any Central University Faculty application from a single portal. UGC Chairman Jagdish Kumar said that when vacancies arise anywhere in other universities, they will immediately receive an e-mail. He clarified that except for the already issued notifications, all the recruitment notifications to be issued henceforth will have to be issued through this portal. He said that in order to create the portal, we have consulted with the vice chancellors of all the central universities and taken their opinions and suggestions. It has been revealed that the portal will also be suitable for making necessary changes and additions as per the future requirements.

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