Dengue Fever: Children may be at risk of dengue, so be careful health news dengue fever children may be at risk of dengue take care in these ways

Experts say that due to dengue, the level of platelets in the body can drop rapidly. Hence the symptoms of dengue should not be ignored and a doctor should be visited immediately.

The risk of dengue fever increases significantly during this season. Although dengue can affect people of any age, children may be at risk of dengue. Doctors say dengue in children can be either mild or severe, depending on whether they have contracted the disease for the first time or not. Dengue fever usually occurs in young children, but older children or adults who have been previously infected may develop moderate or severe symptoms.

Symptoms of dengue in children are slightly different from those in adults. Children complain of vomiting while in adults symptoms such as nausea and pain behind the eyes are more common. According to the National Library of Medicine, dengue affects young people more than adults. In children, the disease lasts for three to seven days. Dengue fever has been on the rise for the past few weeks. So it is important to know when to seek treatment and contact your doctor.

Do not ignore the symptoms of dengue

Senior Physician Dr. Kawaljit Singh says that the symptoms of dengue can be seen in many ways. Only one in four children bitten by a mosquito-borne disease will develop symptoms. Many symptoms are mild, such as fever, rash, joint or bone pain, and body aches. But headache, especially pain behind the eyes is a typical symptom of dengue fever, although it is not a sign of danger.

Pediatric Consultant at Masina Hospital, Mumbai Dr. Archana Khan says 1 in 20 cases of dengue with symptoms can be severe and all this can happen within a few hours. Hence the symptoms of dengue should not be ignored and a doctor should be visited immediately.

Dengue symptoms can also be severe

According to the doctor, low platelets in dengue can also cause plasma leakage. This can lead to internal bleeding, which can even lead to death.

Symptoms of severe dengue

– Severe abdominal pain

– Vomiting

– Swelling of stomach and legs

– High fever

– Pain in the muscles

How to care for your child if you have dengue

According to doctors, most dengue infections are mild, so the patient should not panic. Most patients recover at home. Give children plenty of fluids including ORS and coconut water. Paracetamol can be used for fever and pain.


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