Dengue outbreak continues in Rawalpindi, 44 new cases reported Pipa News


Dengue outbreak continues in Rawalpindi, 44 new cases reported

RAWALPINDI: On Tuesday, Rawalpindi recorded 44 new cases of dengue, bringing the total tally to 720 720 reported cases.

Dr Sajjad Mehmood, the District Coordinator for Epidemics Prevention and Control (DCEPC), reported that the majority of the new dengue cases were concentrated in specific areas. Out of the 44 new cases, 31 were identified in Potohar Town Urban, 9 in Municipal Corporation Rawalpindi, and 4 in Chaklala Cantonment.

Currently, district hospitals are providing care for 120 dengue patients, with 96 of them having confirmed cases, while 624 patients have successfully recovered and been discharged after receiving treatment.

A total of 120 dengue patients are currently admitted to district hospitals, of which 96 are confirmed cases. 624 patients have been discharged after treatment.

The district administration has taken a number of steps to control the spread of dengue, including registering 50 FIRs, issuing tickets to 8 people, sealing 3 premises, and imposing a fine of Rs45,500 for violations of dengue SOPs in the last 24 hours.

During indoor surveillance in the last 24 hours, the teams checked 18,234 houses and found dengue larvae in 1,179 homes. During outdoor surveillance, the teams checked 6,062 places and found larvae at 202 sites.

The district health facilities have designated a total of 194 beds to accommodate dengue patients, with 12 of them currently in critical condition.

Dr. Mehmood said that disease prevention is the government’s top priority, and the district health administration is working hard to avoid a possible outbreak.