Denial of justice will eventually lead to anarchy: Chief Justice Ramana-Dinamani

Denial of justice will eventually lead to anarchy: Chief Justice Ramana-Dinamani

Srinagar: Supreme Court Chief Justice NV Ramana stressed that for the functioning of a healthy democracy, people need to realize that their rights and dignity are protected and recognized, and that the denial of justice will ultimately lead to anarchy.

Chief Justice Ramana on Saturday laid the foundation stone for the new premises building for the Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh High Court.

The latter said, “We are happy to solve infrastructure problems. I continue to emphasize the need for infrastructure development and modernization.

Unfortunately, after independence, the judicial infrastructure was not modified to meet the growing needs of modern India.

If we do not address this urgently, the constitutional ambition to access justice will be defeated. ”

The district judiciary is the foundation of the judiciary, he said.

As I mentioned earlier, the level of judicial infrastructure across the country is not satisfactory. The courts are run from rented accommodation and in poor conditions.

He added that “appropriate steps should be taken to provide security and shelter for all judges.”

Judges and lawyers must pledge to work hard to make justice a reality.

“Laws alone are not enough to build heritage in a country.

It takes indestructible human beings inspired by lofty ideals to infuse life and spirit into the skeleton of laws, “he said.” The common man has always regarded the judiciary as the ultimate guardian of rights and freedoms.

Your quick, active and passionate decision will make a huge difference in the lives of many who are distrustful of justice.

Often, prosecutors will be “extremely stressed,” stressing that lawyers and judges need to create a congenial environment.

He lamented that the justice system in India was too “complex and expensive” and that the country was lagging far behind in making the courts inclusive and accessible.

“For the functioning of a healthy democracy, it is essential that people realize that their rights and dignity are protected and recognized.

He said that speedy resolution of controversies was a sign of a healthy democracy and that “the denial of justice would ultimately lead to anarchy.”

They will soon destabilize the judiciary because people will look for illegal means. “

And “Peace can only prevail when the dignity and rights of the people are recognized and protected.”

“One of the main challenges in upholding the rule of law and protecting human rights is that the system of providing speedy and fair justice to all in the country is very complex and costly.”

Chief Justice Ramana said the judiciary should be at the innovative best position to ensure that the challenges in its functioning are met through fair and constitutional legal action.

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