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As the Gujarat assembly elections are approaching, all the parties including BJP-Congress have joined the preparation front. Amidst the reverberations of campaigning, it becomes necessary for the people to understand the politics of each seat before choosing a candidate. So today in this article we are going to tell you about Dharampur seat of Valsad district.

In the previous term, the BJP had won the Dharampur assembly seat, which is considered a stronghold of the Congress in Valsad district. A complete tribal community of voters resides here. Congress has had a grip here for years. Dharampur is a princely seat of royal times. Even today there are many houses and temples which are remnants of the princely times. Also here there was a uniform rule of Congress. In which BJP has occupied in the last term. Also, Nagli Rotla and Udd Dal Bhujiya are famous in this area. Bhajiya is also very famous in the Haat market in every village.

Political history of Dharampur seat

In Dharampur assembly seat in the year 1962, Ramubhai Jadav defeated Congress candidate Bapubhai Rawat from PSP with a margin of 4483 votes. In the year 1967, Congress candidate B K Patel won SWA’s S with a margin of 2638 votes. R. Patel was given Mahat. In 1972, Ramubhai Jadav won power again, but this time he won from NCO with a margin of 7063 votes. In the elections held in the year 1975, Ramabhai Jadav of NCO won with a margin of 9631 votes. However, Congress candidate Shankarbhai Patel won for two terms in 1980 and 1985.

In the years 1990 and 1995, BJP entered and BJP’s candidate Manibhai Chaudhary ruled this seat for two consecutive terms. Hirabhai Chaudhary of BJP was elected from this seat in 1998. In 2002, Kisanbhai Patel of Congress captured this seat with a huge margin of 23,397. In 2007, Congress fought again and Chanabhai Chaudhary became the winner. In 2012 also this seat was won by Congress and Ishwarbhai Patel became victorious.

In the election held in the year 2017 in Dharampur assembly seat, the total voter turnout was 78.01 percent. In which total voters 2,26,284, male 1,13,673, female 1,12,611 with total voting 1,76,522. In which 90,882 male and 85,660 female votes were cast. In this election, BJP’s Arvindbhai Chotubhai Patel got 94,944 votes, Congress’ Ishwar Dhedabhai Patel got 72,698 votes, Bahujan Samaj Party’s Patel Laxman Chunilal got 2572 votes, Bahujan Mukti Patri’s Kharpadi Gulab Janubhai got 991 votes and All India Hindustan Congress Party’s Mangubhai Savlobhai got 2464 votes. So, 3711 votes went to NOTA. Thus, compared to 2012, in the year 2017, the BJP had a direct advantage in terms of seats and Arvindbhai won by 22,246 votes.

How are the voters’ problems?

Various organizations of the Hoi tribal community are protesting the proposed dams in the river link project at Chas Mandwa and Paikhed in Dharampur. People’s protest is on the issue that if the dam is built, 4000 people will be displaced. Also, this dam issue can be important for Congress this time. Also, people’s demand for basic facilities, water and roads has been constant. Although the area is considered like Cherrapunji in terms of rainfall, there is a shortage of drinking water in summer which will trouble every party even in the Gujarat assembly elections 2022.

Counting of voters at the seat

The total number of voters in Dharampur assembly seat is approximately 2,49,135. This includes 1,24,742 male voters and 1,24,392 female voters. While there is also another voter. Since this seat is dominated by tribal voters, all the parties have started increasing their vote bank by paying attention to issues related to tribals.

Agriculture is the occupation of the people

Agriculture is the only occupation in this seat. In Dharampur seat, mostly the voters here are only focused on agriculture. Here people cultivate paddy tuwar aad nagli, as well as vegetables mostly for employment. The area has a large population of Warli, Kunkana and Dhodi Patel communities. Also the candidate can also apply for the seat from ST category only.

Controversies created on the Dharampur seat

– Politics of Valsad’s Dharampur Congress has heated up before local Swaraj elections. Dharampur Youth Congress president Kalpesh Patel resigned from his post after discussing with the leaders of 5 villages, a political earthquake situation arose.

– Ishwarbhai Patel, former Congress MLA from Dharampur in Valsad district, created a stir when he resigned from the Congress membership on March 8 last year. Addressing the Gujarat Pradesh Congress President, Ishwarbhai Patel also resigned as a member of the Congress, and a hidden discord came out in the Congress.

– During the corona epidemic, the police filed a case against 11 people including the Dharampur Taluka BJP President for the negligence of the persons present in the night orchestra organized by the family member of the Dharampur political office holder’s wedding did not keep masks and social distance. On the occasion of the wedding of Taluka BJP president Ketan Arvindbhai Patel, who lives in Kurgam of Dharampur, an orchestra party was held on Saturday night and a crowd gathered.

– PM Modi took the Congress in a meeting at Malanpad in Dharampur and said that the Congress is working to defame Gujarat. Whoever defames Gujarat will be punished. Not only that, Indira Gandhi also alleged that Morarjibhai Desai was put in jail.

Elections held on Dharampur seat

Election year The winning candidate party
2017 Arvindbhai Patel BJP
2012 Ishwarbhai Patel Congress
2007 Chanabhai Chaudhary Congress
2002 Kishanbhai Patel Congress
1998 Hirabhai Chaudhary BJP
1995 Manibhai Chaudhary BJP
1990 Manibhai Chaudhary BJP
1985 Shankarbhai Patel Congress
1980 Shankarbhai Patel Congress
1975 Ramubhai Jadav NCO
1972 Ramubhai Jadav NCO
1967 BK Patel Congress
1962 Ramubhai Jadav PSP

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