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Pawan Kalyan Hints: Whatever development takes place in the politics of Andhra Pradesh… it is becoming a topic of discussion. There is a lot of excitement whether Jansena-Telugu Desam will have an alliance or not. Different campaigns are going on at the lower level. Some say the war is one sided. Others say that the two parties will go for an election. But in the beginning, although the two gave indirect hints about alliances, now they are not talking. At least not indirectly. They are expressing confidence that they will get power on their own. On the other hand, YCP is also challenging Janasena and TDP to come as a single party. It has become interesting whether there will be an alliance or not. At such a time, the campaign was given an indirect hint with the challenge thrown by Janasena leader Pawan. Pawan accepted the challenge thrown by Telangana Minister KTR. TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu.. Ex-minister Balineni Srinivas was challenged.. This is now Sparking a new debate.

When the name of Janasena leader Pawan Kalyan is mentioned, many YSRCP leaders burst out with criticism. There were times when Pawan was angry that Jagan was insulting him with the leaders of his own community. But a senior YCP leader says that he has great respect for Pawan Kalyan. He revealed the friendship between them once again on the platform of Twitter.

On the occasion of National Handloom Day, Telangana IT Minister KTR on Sunday threw ‘My Handloom My Pride’ challenge to Anand Mahindra, Sachin Tendulkar and Pawan Kalyan. Accepting this challenge, Jana Senani tweeted photos wearing handwoven clothes. I have accepted the challenge of KTR bhai. I like and admire our crafts. I am nominating Chandrababu Naidu, Balineni Srinivasa Reddy and BJP Rajya Sabha member K. Laxman.

A group is promoting that Pawan is ready to form an alliance with Chandrababu.. Chandrababu has no gap with Pawan.. This tweet has once again proved this.

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At the same time, some people ask whether they have challenged Balineni of YCP too.. They say there is a reason for that. That talk has been going on since he was removed from the post of minister. The campaign that he himself went to Hyderabad and met Pawan was also going strong at that time. Social media is buzzing that some of his followers are of the opinion that he will support Pawan during the election.

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That is why it became interesting to challenge these two. But on Pawan’s challenge, there is a recognition that Balineni, even if there is political opposition, deals calmly with the opposition leaders. He proved that once again. To everyone’s surprise.. Balineni responded.

The former minister who tweeted wearing handloom clothes.. “I accepted Pawan Kalyan’s handloom challenge to pose for photos on the occasion of handloom day on the platform of Twitter and thanked him for selecting him for the challenge. He reminded that he had worked as handloom minister during YSR regime with sincerity. On that day, YSR waived off 300 crores for handloom workers. Today, their leader Jagan’s government is also providing many schemes for the welfare of YSR leaders.

Pawan Kalyan responded to Balineni’s tweet.. “I appreciate the work you have done for the handloom workers. Once again, thank you for your commitment to Netannala.

Respected @balineni_vasu Garu, your sincere efforts towards HandLoom workers was well appreciated then and I wholeheartedly thank you for this response to show your commitment once more for our weaver communities Sir???? https://t.co/nhf7cOJYFE

Earlier, Pawan Kalyan, who took YSRCP leader’s midnight phone conversation with Janasena leader seriously, spoke to Balineni Srinivasa Reddy on the phone about this matter. After that the said YCP leader, who is a follower of Baline, apologized. Jana Senani occasionally makes indirect remarks in the middle of his speech that YSRCP also has good leaders. Jana Sena sources say that he challenged Baline as part of that. Apart from that, there is no political intention.

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