Dinamani, a student who attached 500 rupees as bribe in the answer sheet

The incident of a student attaching 500 rupees as a bribe to the evaluator in the twelfth standard exam answer sheet has created a stir.

Subsequently, the Gujarat Board of Higher Education has ordered to ban the student from writing the application for one year.

In Gujarat last April, a general election was held. 500 rupees as a bribe to the evaluator was pasted with glue on the chemistry answer sheet. During the evaluation of the answer sheet, the evaluator saw it and reported it to the Education Board. After scrutinizing the request written in the answer sheet of the student, the appeal committee of the board stopped the publication of the appeal result of the student. As a punishment for the student who was found guilty of misconduct in the exam, he was banned from writing exams for one year. Also, the Gujarat Education Board has ordered a three-year ban on students who use mobile phones in exams.

22 students who passed out from Class 12th Science course have been banned from writing for one year for illegal activities like writing by looking at someone else’s answer sheet and using red ink pen.


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