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District level mobile network companies will be established in Pakistan, the major decision of PTA

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The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is all set to amend the licensed area and jurisdiction of Data Class Value Added Services (CVAS) across the country from provincial to district level. jobs by expanding internet connectivity to small towns and villages across the country.

According to the Business Recorder, government sources revealed that around 5,000 people have expressed interest in obtaining CVAS data licenses at the district level, which is relatively easy to provide internet services and increase of broadband penetration in the country. There is an entry-level license.

Over the course of two decades, significant changes have taken place in the market dynamics and technological landscape, which has changed the environment significantly, the sources said. With these developments, the current DataCVAS license scope is not adapted to advanced technological changes. Therefore, renewal of CVAS data license is necessary for the provision of internet services in the country.

In addition, startups, entrepreneurs and young technical graduates have shown great interest in acquiring a small license in an area with cable TV operators and standard internet using their existing OFC infrastructure built under the license of cable TV in Pemra.

However, under the prevailing regulatory framework, they must obtain an FLL license from the PTA for such services.

However, they are reluctant to obtain FLL licenses because of the mandatory requirement to provide voice services and the associated responsibilities associated with FLL licenses.

According to the current regime the jurisdiction or licensed area is nationwide and provincial while it is proposed to hold only one district level CVAS license for a company.

In addition, the license period is currently 15 years which is proposed to be changed to 10 years.

The application processing fee is currently Rs 5,500 and is proposed to be Rs 20,000 in the revised system.

The initial license fee is Rs 300,000 nationwide and Rs 100,000 or Rs 50,000 for the province and is proposed to be Rs 300,000.

The annual license fee (ALF) is currently 0.5 per cent of adjusted gross income while under the revised system it will be Rs 100,000 in the first year, with an increase of 10 per cent in each subsequent year.

Under this license the licensee is not permitted to provide telecommunication services outside the district, to construct, operate or maintain a public switched telecommunication network, or telecommunication infrastructure, except under specific arrangements, to provide telecommunication services outside Pakistan interconnection of the licensed system’s telecommunication system with the licensee’s telecommunication system, provision of wholesale bandwidth services directly or indirectly to any other licensee including any person or entity for the purpose of further sale, sound source, transmission and Interception and / or termination, switch-oriented connection without specific approval from the Authority, distribution of radio or television program through cable television transmission system, except for a separate license or appropriate authorization from the relevant authority, ie PEMRA, radio or television programming. , ie PEMRA, construction, maintenance or operation of telecommunication system for providing any telecommunication service not authorized by this license or by the Authority. Limited from time to time, actions that may threaten the security, faith and heritage of Pakistan and its relationship with its allies around the world will not be tolerated.

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