Doctors remove Krishna idol from Karnataka mans swallows accidentally after throat |

Belgaum (June 24): A strange incident occurred in Belgaum during the Tirtha Consumption. A 45-year-old man who worshiped God and placed a statue of Balakrishna in palms accidentally swallowed the idol with the tirtha. He practiced tirtha every day after worshiping God. Murti Nungiro incident happened with Tirtha while eating the tirtha after worshiping as usual. He then has a throat pain and a sore throat. He contacted the local doctor immediately.

An idol of Balakrishna discovered on X-ray

The doctor examined the person and suggested an x-ray. An X-ray report found Balakrishna’s idol in the throat. Dr Kelley, from KLE, Belgaum, for further treatment. Prabhakar Corey has been hospitalized. Doctors who had an endoscope found that the foot of Balakrishna’s idol was trapped in the person’s food duct. The doctors of the ENT department had successfully surgically removed the idol of Krishna, who was in the throat.

Surgery itself is challenging

The doctor, who was found in the throat, was diagnosed with endoscopy by a hospital physician. So the surgical procedure is challenging for doctors.

A team of ENT physicians, Dr. Preethi Hazare, Dr.Vinita MetaguddaMath, Dr. Chaitanya Kamath and a team of specialist nurses managed to extract the idol that was found in the throat of a person by surgical treatment. The image released by the hospital staff on this is currently viral on social networking sites.

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Ganesha idolized child

The incident took place in Bangalore when a three-year-old girl swallowed a Ganesh idol. A three-year-old boy who miraculously escaped a 5-cm-long Ganesh idol after receiving immediate medical help has miraculously escaped.

The child was transported to Manipal Hospital on Old Airport Road on Friday. The boy swallowed the idol while playing. There was pain in the upper chest and difficulty swallowing. Initially, chest and neck were x-rayed. Then came the light of the idol boy swallowing.

Endoscopic procedure extraction

The doctor then planned to remove the statue using an endoscopic procedure. The baby was taken to the endoscopy suite within an hour. The idol was safely removed with anesthesia.

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Pediatric gastroenterologist Dr. Srikanth K.P. Told me. Dr Manish Rai, director of the Manipal Hospitals Hospital on Old Airport Road, said the doctors had told him that the patient was given immediate and immediate treatment when he was taken to a child’s emergency.

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