Dream Over for Mohammedan Sporting, Gokulam wins I league

Dream Over for Mohammedan Sporting, Gokulam wins I league

Gokulam2 Mohammedan Sporting -1
(Rishad, Benny) (Azharuddin)
News Daily Digital Desk: Tifo is looting in the gallery of the giant Yuvbharati. It says, give, take, forever. Famous red-yellow, green-maroon and white-black colors of East Bengal, Mohun Bagan and Mohammedan Sporting. Just below him, you are the best Bengali of all sports, football. Yuvbharati was filled by the football fans of Bengal with the pull of this football.

But at the end of the day, he was able to leave the stadium with a sigh of satisfaction, where the pure football fans of Bengal! The small distance between the lips and the cup when drinking tea, the same gap remained between the Mohammedan Sporting and the I League title. Not to mention the name of the club on the edge of Red Road. Mohammedan Sporting is far away even when it comes close.

[আরও পড়ুন: আইপিএল থেকে অবসর ঘোষণা অম্বতি রায়ডুর, লিখেও মুছে ফেললেন টুইট]

A few days ago, Bengal and Kerala met in the final of the Santosh Trophy. After losing to Kerala, Bengal did not win the Santosh Trophy. Even today there was a fight for the dignity of Bengal and Kerala clubs. In that fight too, Kerala club Gokulam lost to Mohammedan Sporting. If I went to the I-League twice in a row.
Before the ball of the match was rolled, all the highways of the city came and merged with Yuvbharati on Saturday. After a long time, the gallery of Yuvbharati is full again. Tune in the gallery, Jan Jan Mohammedan.

That melody, rhythm, rhythm were all cut at the end of the ninety minute fight. Three goals were scored in the second half. In the 49th minute, Rishad wrapped the ball in Mohammedan’s net. Gokulam Kerala went ahead with a counter attack from their own half smooth. Rishad’s shot was thrown by the body but the short goalkeeper Jothanmaiya of Mohammedan could not reach it. In the first half, he was the one who left the goal like crazy and endangered the team. Good luck, so Golkulam’s Fletcher couldn’t keep the shot to himself on that ride. But after the break, Gokulam opened the lock gate. Mohammedan, however, returned to the match eight minutes after Rishad scored.

Azharuddin Mallick was replaced by Mohammedan coach Chernishov. In the derby, Azharuddin almost made it a rule to catch the ball in the net of East Bengal. Even today he got down and took a free kick. The goal is also in his name. Marcus Joseph took the free kick. Mohammedan was looking at his feet. The Trinidad-Tobago striker had scored 15 goals before the I-League ‘final’. On that day, a free kick taken by his left foot hit Azharuddin’s body and the ball got caught in Gokulam’s net. Exactly four minutes later, Gokulam went ahead again. The second goal is the action replay of the first goal. Mohammedan had no answer to Gokulam’s smooth attack. Jothanmaiya could not save the shot from Emil Benny.

Even after that, Mohammedan had a chance to come back. But that day was not a black-and-white camp. History is not made. Marcus Joseph became the tragic hero.

[আরও পড়ুন: পাকিস্তান থেকে নিয়ন্ত্রিত হত আইপিএলের বেটিং চক্র! দেশজুড়ে তদন্ত শুরু করেছে সিবিআই]

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