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Driverless tractor.. | Prabha News

Warangal: Now farmers can sit anywhere and drive the tractor in the field with the help of mobile. It changes the gears without the need of a driver.. The accelerator also gives.. The steering wheel turns by itself.. The tractor can be driven backwards and forwards wherever it wants. Beneficial to farmers in agriculture.. Warangal ‘Kits’ college teachers have invented the knowledge of driving a tractor without a driver. It has been named as ‘driverless tractor’. After three years of hard work, it was successfully developed. This project worth Rs.41 lakh was sanctioned in February 2020 under the Central Department of Science and Technology (DST).

Computer Science Engineering Department Head Dr. Niranjan Reddy as Co-Principal Investigator, Assistant Professor Sharfuddin Wasim as Principal Investigator, Professor Narasimha Reddy acted as mentor for the project, B.Tech CSE final year student Saket participated in this project. The tractor is fitted with a micro-controller and uses three actuators to turn the clutch, brake and accelerator without the need for a driver. Another motor is installed to rotate the steering wheel. Principal Acharya K. Ashok Reddy said that the driverless tractor has been designed to be controlled by mobile. It is explained that with the knowledge of IoT, the message goes to the cloud, and from there the instructions given to the mobile will come. He said that we can drive the tractor in the field from our house or anywhere else with a mobile phone, and when we experimented on the 45 HP tractor in the premises, it was running efficiently. Waseem said that if the farmers who have a tractor are to install this technology, it will cost Rs.20 thousand.