Duke University, US offers courses in TikTok to help build careers on social media PiPa News

Duke University, US offers courses in TikTok to help build careers on social media

Social media platforms are no longer limited to just socializing, even universities have started to recognize their growth potential in the near future. Duke University in the US is offering TikTok classes under its ‘Building Global Audience’ course.

With the introduction of the curriculum, Duke aims to teach graduate students the skills to optimize their social media presence and build successful brands around it. The course helps students gather significant followers on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok and introduces them to the potential of these digital spaces.

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According to the Duke University website, the course is a “collaborative, experiential workshop” that expands students’ knowledge on social media marketing. In the course, students are tasked with working in two tracks, namely individual creators and teams. They then brainstorm and develop social media strategies, create goals and even design editorial calendars to maintain social media pages.

In addition, participants also study other successful content creators and take notes to apply the strategy to their pages. With it, students engage with each other and update their classmates on progress and metrics, as well as provide valuable feedback and ideas for improvement.

The Building Global Audience course is taught by Duke University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Instructor Aaron Dinin. According to Dinin, he was a senior at the university when Facebook came into existence. He highlighted that the stage initially seemed worthless to him, but now admits he “could be wrong.”

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University students are making the best out of the curriculum and using it to get a better grip on social media. For 23-year-old Ben Chipman, who heads sociology, this course helps him with his “Self-Designed Marketing and Brand Development Course.” Other students are working on either their YouTube channel or blog page, while using the knowledge gained through the course there.

Underlining the potential of social media, Professor Dinin said that students find out how great a reach they can get through these platforms by sitting in their dorm rooms. He stressed that the classes are not just to make someone famous on TikTok, but to create a place where students can “think about leveraging social media to help make the world a better place.” “

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