Duplex, opportunistic wolves in sheep’s clothing PiPa News

Duplex, opportunistic wolves in sheep’s clothing

Passion has been at its peak after the targeted killing of Kashmiri Pandit Rahul Bhat in Kashmir’s Budgam district on Thursday. Bhat was a government employee in the revenue department in Budgam’s Chadoora area and according to his wife, he felt insecure and had requested for transfer. He was in his office when terrorists opened fire on him. Naturally, Kashmiri Pandits in the Valley are influenced by flashbacks to the genocide of the 1990s whenever such targeted killings take place, and their anger and frustration against the administration’s shortcomings is not misplaced. However, oddly enough for Kashmiri Pandits, a surprising and grossly unusual group of “allies” have come forward to vent their displeasure against the government.

A blatantly fake section of people- who were scrambling to label the film ‘Kashmir Files’ as false propaganda, who were attacking the BJP for promoting the film and who a few weeks back were scoffing at Kashmiri Hindus. Were denying the genocide of K – are now engaged in history to target the ruling BJP. In the case are Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti, several opposition leaders and hardly moderate anti-Hindu parties. Farooq Abdullah’s son Omar Abdullah, chief minister who oversaw the building of Islamism in the Kashmir Valley and resigned on January 18, 1990, a day before terrorists launched a reign of terror, resulting in the massacre and exodus of Kashmiri Hindus . Now we are mourning the death of Rahul Bhat.

Abdullah and Mufti, who are known for decades as double-handed politicians responsible for fueling the flames of separatism and Pakistan-backed terrorism, are now “mourning” and talking of “normalcy” in the Valley . Those who are guilty of dismantling the political and administrative system created by these dual-behaving politicians and who have engaged in shameless gaslighting of Kashmiri Hindus for decades- blame them for their own exodus from their motherland, ease their suffering and shelter a soft corner. To the Pakistan-backed terrorists in Kashmir- now displaying valor to deliver speeches to the government, virtually standing shoulder to shoulder with the helpless Kashmiri Pandits. Actually, absolutely. For most of them it is a pretense. But let’s go a little further – for them, the film, which depicts the misery of Kashmiri Hindus, depicts the crimes of Islamic terrorists, which is why terrorists do what they have been doing for decades. Quite a cognitive head-scratcher for the general, but for many defeated Wranglers hungry enough to talk, they could parrot just about anything. They’ll have to save the theatrics for another day.

It belongs to no one that by doing this the joint agenda of this class is not really to seek protection and rehabilitation of the displaced, but to defame the abrogation of Article 370 by the government in 2019 and write off the impression made by them. Have to put Normalcy has returned in the Valley due to the boom in tourism. Those who accuse the ruling party of using only Kashmiri Hindus for their politics are now doing the same – have done themselves nada, and have in fact fought against them at every level. Wolves in sheep’s clothing.

However, this does not absolve the officers from their duties and recent shortcomings. While terrorist sympathizers are wrong to think that shifting the blame on officials can help save face and divert attention from the apparent problem of Islamism in Kashmir, the conduct of the officers comes under question- Rahul Bhat in office premises was shot, where was the security? When the community went out to protest, why were their tear gas shells fired? stick charge, It is the BJP which has raised the bar. Only one major political party believed in the Kashmiri Pandits’ demand for abrogation of Article 370, and accomplished the mammoth task after being elected for a second term. The Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir with the support of majority Indians is to bring revolution at the Centre. Time is of the essence, there is no room for sabotage and the opportunity at hand should not be squandered.

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With specific targeting of Kashmiri Hindus, who are once again demanding resettlement and a holistic attack on non-Muslims and security forces in the Valley, the administration must pull its socks off to the threats emerging this summer. Although resettlement is a must, many Kashmiri Pandits are not comfortable being stationed in the districts of Kashmir, knowing how the events of Achhe Din can turn into a nightmare. Furthermore, the risks involved outweigh the benefits. The jobs aimed at their upliftment do not pay enough and the local security apparatus and other “trusted” institutions are neither impenetrable nor free from internal sabotage – the assets of Pakistan-backed terrorists. Government sources recently revealed that a chemistry professor, a school teacher and a police constable were found to have links with terror groups. In the Union Territory, informers and touts in government services are working for the other side – a factor corresponding to the 80s and 90s. One can only wish that the cleaning process was faster. And finally, the elephant in the room, Kashmir’s civil society—Kashmiri Muslims continue to tolerate widespread Islamic terror. The time has come for the targeted killings of minorities and Muslims in the security forces to pursue them in a big way. That’s where most of the hope for Kashmir lies.

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