Durin vechicle chekcing in Veldanda limits, police caught illegally transporting ziletin sticks– News18 Telugu

(N.Naveen Kumar, News 18, Nagarkurnool)

Police seized gelatine sticks and detonator boxes being smuggled without any permit in Veldanda mandal of Nagarkurnool district. According to the police report, a person named Yanala Panduranga Reddy from Bhuvanagiri area of ​​Yadadri district was carrying 460 gelatin sticks and 20 boxes of detonators in a Bolero vehicle. At the same time, Panduranga Reddy’s vehicle was stopped and checked by the police near Peddapuram on the Srisailam main road in Hyderabad. The police inquired about the absence of any verification documents regarding the movement of gelatin sticks and detonators. Police investigation revealed that Kondal of Peddapur village under Veldanda Mandal was taking Shiva from Ravelli village to supply them. SI Narasimhu has registered a case and is investigating from various angles.

Fatal accident in Palamuru Ranga Reddy project:
A fatal accident took place on Friday morning at Palamuru Rangareddy works near Elluru village in Kolhapur mandal of Nagar Kurnool district. In this accident, six people died and another was seriously injured. More than 1200 workers from Bihar and Jharkhand are working while the work is going on in Package One. Concrete works are being done early on Friday morning. While lowering the millers with the help of a crane, the train rope broke and fell on the workers. As a result, six workers died on the spot. Some of the injured were shifted to Mahabubnagar General Hospital. Officials are investigating the causes of the accident in the project.

The incident took place in Rajoli of Jogulamba Gadwala district where a young man committed suicide because his father scolded him. According to the details given by the local police, Kuruva Ramakrishna of Rajoli has a son Suresh and a daughter. As the daughter was living in Kushapur village of Kurnool district… Ramakrishna went to Kushapur to see her. Suresh (17) along with his mother Sujatha went to work in the farm. In the evening he was coming back in the cart with his mother. While going to control the bulls, they fell under threat. The bulls were also injured when they fell down. Suresh was afraid that his father would scold him when he came. Thimmappa, Suresh’s younger brother, who came home during this time, asked how the bulls fell down and why they were hit, but he sat without giving any answer. Thimmappa went to Suresh and found that the young man had already taken insecticide. Suresh was immediately taken to Kurnool Government Hospital where he died while undergoing treatment. According to the father’s complaint, a case was registered and the police started an investigation.

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