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Freezing Eggs in India: Some women delay family planning while waiting for a career and a suitable partner. In such a situation, a woman has difficulty in getting pregnant for a long time. However, now there is a cure. They can become a mother according to your convenience with the help of assisted reproductive technology.

Fertility in women starts to decrease after the age of 35 and after 40 it decreases rapidly. However, with the rapid development of medical technology, women can now freeze their eggs (oocyte cryopreservation) for future use. Now women can successfully become mothers even after 35 years. Egg freezing is a new breakthrough in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).

Under this technology, women’s eggs are frozen using a special technique and then when they want to become a mother, those eggs are used using IVF technology.

It is mentioned here that along with time, the clock of nature is also running. This is called biological clock. According to which women have fertility only up to a certain age.

Women’s fertility is considered to be at its best from the age of 20 to 30 years. Fertility gradually declines with increasing age. So women who are thinking of late motherhood use this technique. However, before this process it is necessary to know whether the law of the country (Eggs Freezing India) gives such a right or not.

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Recently, a 34-year-old woman living in China, Teresa Xu, lost a court case regarding egg freezing, which is why unmarried women can freeze their eggs? That issue has surfaced. Teresa alleged that the hospital refused to freeze her eggs because she was unmarried. Then he applied to the court.

What does the law say in India?

Talking about India, there is currently no law for egg freezing in the country (Eggs Freezing law in India). So far many celebrities have had their eggs frozen. Ekta Kapoor, associated with the TV industry, underwent egg freezing at the age of 36. Along with this, actress Kajol’s sister Tanisha Mukherjee had egg freezing done at the age of 39. Actress Mona Singh also used this technique. Apart from this, egg freezing has also been done by Hollywood’s Diana Hayden, Hollywood actress Halsey, Emma Roberts. Although there is currently no law, unmarried women in India can freeze their eggs to become late mothers.

What is the focus?

Younger women have to freeze fewer eggs during egg freezing. While the number of eggs to be frozen also increases with increasing age. Suppose a woman aged 34 needs to freeze about 10 eggs, while a 37-year-old woman needs to freeze about 20 eggs to become a mother and a woman aged 42 needs to freeze 61 eggs. Similarly, with increasing age, the number of storage also increases.

How is egg freezing done?

In the language of medical science it is called ‘mature endite cryopreservation’. In simple terms, this procedure preserves women’s fertility, allowing them to have a family whenever they want in the future. In egg freezing, mature eggs are extracted from the ovaries in the woman’s body and frozen at zero temperature in the laboratory. This stops the biological movement of the eggs for a while and comes into play later. When a woman wants to become a mother, frozen eggs are incubated at the right temperature and mixed with sperm and transferred to her uterus through IVF technology.

What is the right age for freezing eggs?

The most suitable age for egg freezing is considered to be 20 years. At this age, egg quality is good and the risk of damage is low. Experts believe that women who want to become mothers through this technology after the age of 30 should freeze their eggs at the age of 20-27.

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