eknath shinde news: Shinde group’s message came, MLA thought for two days and finally decided! – independent mla from chandrapur kishore jorgewar, who supports the mahavikas aghadi, joined eknath shinde’s group

Chandrapur: The number of MLAs in the group of Urban Development Minister Eknath Shinde, who revolted from Shiv Sena and fired more than 40 MLAs, is increasing day by day. Independent MLA from Chandrapur Kishore Jorgewar, who supports the Mahavikas Aghadi, has finally taken the road to Guwahati. MLA Jorgewar was approached by the Shinde group. However, Jorgewar had taken a stand that the decision would be taken after discussions with the supporters in the constituency. Within 48 hours, Jorgewar Shinde has joined the group.

In the Rajya Sabha elections, there was a tug-of-war between the BJP and the Mahavikas alliance to attract MLAs to their group, after which Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut criticized the horse market. However, Kishor Jorgewar, an independent MLA, expressed his displeasure over Raut’s word ‘horse market’ and said that he would think differently. NCP MP Supriya Sule had called on Jorgewar to allay his grievances.

50 MLAs with me, let’s take a decision in today’s meeting; Eknath Shinde spoke clearly!

Meanwhile, MLA Kishor Jorgewar informed that a message was received from Shiv Sena’s rebel group two days ago. Kishor Jorgewar had also said that Eknath Shinde’s group, which had split from the Shiv Sena, was expected to get the support of some more MLAs in the future. Now that Kishor Jorgewar has joined the Shinde group, it will be interesting to see how his role will reverberate in the constituency.



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