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Elderly Woman Lovingly Feeds Her Husband and video goes viral

Usually we are seeing couples who get married after a few years of marriage and fight for a small reason and go to court to get divorced. When we see such a couple or hear their story, do we see the love, affection and compatibility between husband and wife? Will you be different by playing a fight? It seems so. But among such couples there are living souls among us who give true meaning to the three-letter word marriage.

But recently on social media we are seeing posts of cases where husband and wife are separated due to some reason or the husband has betrayed his wife or the wife has cheated on her husband. But videos of love between elderly couples are always heartwarming to watch.

Look at the love in an old couple

There is something very special about a couple carrying the family with each other like a pair of oxen pulling a cart and spending the rest of their lives together. Check out one such cute video showcasing the love and care between an elderly couple is now going viral on social media.

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In this 15-second video, an elderly couple can be seen sitting on the floor while the woman lovingly feeds her husband and then drinks water.

Netizens appreciated the video

This video was shared by IAS officer Dr. Sumita Mishra on her Twitter page with a heartwarming caption. In the background, the song ‘Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai’ is also added to the beauty of this video.

Social media users are overjoyed and inspired to see the emotional bond between this old couple. Some say that they must have been very lucky to love each other like this, while others call it true love.

The video went viral

The video has been viewed by millions, retweeted more than 5000 times and liked more than 37,000 times.

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A user thanked IAS officer Dr. Sumita Mishra for sharing this video. Another user said, “This is true love and affection.” “In life, we want a partner like this who stays together till death,” commented a third.

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