– Election of officials of Bollywood News Lahore Race Club declared illegal without election


Lahore High Court

Lahore High Court

The Lahore High Court annulled the election of race club officials as illegal.

The court, while ordering to cancel the appointment of former governor Makhdoom Ahmed Mahmood, former MNA Syeda Abida Hussain as director, said that re-election should be held after 3 months as per law for appointment of directors / stewards of race clubs.

The Lahore High Court also declared the 96th annual meeting of the Lahore Race Club illegal and annulled it and ordered to call another annual meeting for the race club elections.

In his remarks, the court said that the affairs of the race club will be handled by the administrators till the execution of the court order.

The court also appointed two administrators of the race club with the consent of the parties and directed them to ensure transparent elections within the stipulated time.

Justice Jawad Hassan issued a 20-page written verdict on the petition including Tariq Aziz.

The petitioner had challenged the election of Lahore Race Club officials without selection.

Petitioner Syed Faisal Naqvi Advocate said that Lahore Race Club has 50 members. There were 17 candidates for the October 30 election.

The petitioner submitted that the nomination papers of 10 candidates were withdrawn. 7 candidates refused to withdraw their papers. The secretary club picked up ballot boxes, papers, cameras.

Faisal Naqvi Advocate said that elections were not held despite the demands of 7 candidates and members. 10 directors, 10 candidates for steward were declared uncontested winners. Lahore Race Club elections must be held. The appointment of uncontested elected directors of Lahore Race Club should be declared null and void.


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