electricity rate rise in karnataka order from kerc pvn Pipa News

electricity rate rise in karnataka order from kerc pvn

Bengaluru (A.4): Price rise in the state continues to hit the hot public. The price of petrol, diesel, gas has already skyrocketed. Now the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) has given another shock to the people of the state. The Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) has issued an order revising the energy adjustment charges for the next 6 months with effect from October 1.

Increase in electricity rates, further burden on consumers

According to this order, the electricity rate will increase and will further burden the consumers. 43 paise in BESCOM, 24 paise in MESCOM, 34 paise in SESC, 35 paise in HESCOM and 35 paise in JESCOM per unit.

Heat of price hike for common man

The people who are recovering from the Corona blow will now be hit by the shock of the price hike again. Already the prices of daily items are reaching the limit and people are reeling. Earlier LPG price was expensive. Meanwhile, the prices of essential items including electricity and milk are predicted to rise again. After this, if the price of electricity and essentials increases, it will further burden people’s pockets.

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The price of Nandini milk will increase

Another shock awaits the consumers who are under pressure due to increase in fuel price, edible oil price, and soon the price of Nandini milk is also likely to increase. Karnataka Milk Union President Balachandra Jarkiholi himself said that milk unions of 14 districts are pressing for the increase in the price of Nandini milk. He said that the price of milk should be increased and that will be given to the farmers.

After looking at pros and cons, decide- Bommai

That is what we appealed to Chief Minister Basavaraja Bommai. KMF president Balachandra Jarakiholi said that Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai is saying that let’s take a decision after looking at pros and cons. Speaking to the media in the city, he said that milk is less in summer season. Therefore, if the price is higher, the farmers will benefit. In Belagavi, cow’s milk was 23 rupees, we made it 25 rupees. We made buffalo milk 38 rupees which was 36 rupees.

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The price of milk is high without burdening the consumers

We sell milk at the lowest price in India. Elsewhere milk prices have increased. If the price of milk is increased without burdening the consumers, it will benefit the farmers. Jarakiholi said that we will take a decision after seeing what decision the Chief Minister Basavaraja Bommai takes.

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